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ArcheAge: Winter Festivities

Winter is here! Share the holiday spirit with warm, winter wardrobes and join in a festive snowball fight of fury! Snowball Arena Arrives on December 19. Take your group of 3 and queue up with others to participate in a brutal, snowy brawl! Before joining in the merry mayhem, you should pick one of the three available buffs; Frozen Snowba...[Read More]

ArcheAge: Relics of Hiram is Live!

ArcheAge 5.0 – Relics of Hiram is now live! Get ready to explore great new mysteries and unlock the dark power of Malediction! Champions of Erenor will have a brand-new area to explore, the Western Hiram Mountains! It’s a new endgame region with new challenges and rewards, plus new gear! Furthermore, the new expansion introduc...[Read More]

ArcheAge: Dwarves & Warborn coming to Fresh Start

Phase 4: Reign is coming to ArcheAge and is so big that it will have to be split up! Get ready for level cap being moved to 55 and Delphinad! Dwarves and Warborn are arriving to Fresh Start servers! Short, ill-tempered and industrially sophisticated, the Dwarves have managed to become one of the most prominent factions of Erenor thanks to...[Read More]

ArcheAge: Fresh Start Conquer Phase is Live

Brave adventurers, the next phase of Fresh Start is live! Check out all the new content that’s now available; it’s time to conquer! Serpentis and Sea of Drowned Love: hordes of mighty enemies await you and your raid in Serpentis for great rewards in the form of powerful gear! The evil goddess Dahuta is going to put your skills to th...[Read More]

ArcheAge: Continue your Conquest

The battle for Erenor continues on the Fresh Start servers, Nui & Ezi as we are entering Phase 2! Get ready for new monsters to slay, new places to explore, brand-new craftable gear and illegal farms to camp! You have already gotten to know Diamond Shores and Mistmerrow in Auroria. Now, you are invited to explore, hunt in, gather reso...[Read More]

ArcheAge: Legends Return is Live!

Trion Worlds and XLGAMES announced the official launch of Update 4.5 for ArcheAge, also known as Legends Return! Get ready for Dragon mounts, two new progression servers, features like Shadow Invasions and many many more! [arve url=”″ /] These two new servers, Nui and Ezi, for North America and Euro...[Read More]

ArcheAge: Letter from the Team – Legends Return

April 5 is the launch date for ArcheAge’s Update 4.5, also known as Legends Return, featuring mythical dragons and long forgotten secrets hidden in the dark places of the world! So. let’s take a closer look, shall we? Two new servers are set to launch, Ezi in Europe and Nui in North America. They are going to be progression se...[Read More]

ArcheAge: Ice Fishing for Fun and Profit

ArcheAge presents the bran-new Miroir Tundra Ice Fishing Festival! From January 30 until February 14, players of level 30+ will have the opportunity to fish for many cool rewards! To enter the festival, you can either find your way to the Miroir Tundra or visit a festival worldgate in Austera, Marianople, or the Diamond Shores portal to g...[Read More]

ArcheAge: Free Nocturne Griffin Pet Keys

ArcheAge and Alienware team up and are giving away the Nocturne Griffin Pet for free! You just have to login to your Alienware account and you will receive your gift! Note that the account must be of 2+ level.

ArcheAge Turtle Pet Key Giveaway and ArcheAge are joining forces to offer the Sea Turtle Pet fro free! The only thing required is to login to your account and you will receive your gift! Hurry up while there are keys left!

ArcheAge: Into The Maelstrom

The latest major update 4.0 “Maelstrom” is hitting ArcheAge on December 6 and promises to change and improve your whole gaming experience! The Battle Balance patch constitutes a main change, re-balancing classes, skills and combat within the world of ArcheAge. Heavy focus has also been put on Marketplace balance and alignment between diff...[Read More]

ArcheAge: New hoodies available in the Marketplace!

For all of you fans of ArcheAge, Trionworlds has announced that you will be able to get your hands on brand new, masterfully crafted hoodies representing a specific group of youths from the City of Towers! So, if you want to create a unique appearance for yourself, head to the Marketplace, buy a Streetwise Stash Lockbox for just 420 credi...[Read More]

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