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Mechwarrior Online: Free Champion Mech

The Solaris 7 Update for MechWarrior Online is live and to celebrate the occasion, you can score a free Solaris 7 Champion Mech [Uziel UZL-3P(C)] and Mechbay! Just click the red button which will take you to the game’s page where you will find out what you have to do to get your gift! Don’t worry, it’s not something difficult! You have until the 1st of May, so hurry up!

Closers Gift Key Giveaway

Alienware Arena and Nexon are joining forces to offer an exclusive Gift Pack for free! Click the red button, login to your Alienware account and get your key which will unlock a plethora of in-game items including an Alienware Arena Poster, 2 Small Plum Sodas, a Yukata costume full box set (containing variants for male and female characters) and many more! Hurry up before they run out of keys!

MapleStory 2 Beta Sign Up

MapleStory 2 is going into Beta Testing and Nexon is giving away random invites for free! To enter, you just have to click the red button which will take you to the official page where you can sign up. If you are chosen, you will join in the Beta testing and earn additional rewards. You have until May 6, so you’d better hurry up!

Duelyst: Free Trials of Mythron Orbs!

Duelyst and Steelseries are giving away free keys to unlock 5 Trials of Mythron Orbs! Each Orb key reveals one card from the latest expansion set with one of them being of Rare or higher quality! Click the red button, login to your Steelseries account and click the “Get Your Key” button to receive your key, then follow the listed instructions to redeem it! Hurry up before they run out ...[Read More]

TERA Godsfall Exclusive Codes Giveaway [ENDED]

Gamespot is giving away free codes to get in-game items for TERA! Click the red button, login to your Gamespot account, complete the listed tasks and get your free key! Once redeemed it will give you 7 Days of Elite Status Game Time, 40 Valkyon Health Potions, 20 Strong Bravery Potions, the ability to change your heroes head for a day and the Grand HYDRATH Smart Box permanent costume! Hurry up, th...[Read More]

Ghost Recon Wildlands Free Weekend! [ENDED]

Ubisoft is giving everyone the chance to play Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands for free! Click the red button, choose your platform, log in with your Ubisoft account and play the game for free from April 12, 12:01AM PDT to April 15, 11:59PM PDT! Additionally, you can purchase various editions of the game at a 67% discounted price! The free-to-play weekend is also available on Steam.

Free Shiny The Firefly!

Another great offer from the Microsoft Store! Now and for a limited time, you can get Shiny The Firefly for free! Click the button and start downloading now! Keep in mind that you need to have Windows 10 installed.

Free Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition! [ENDED] is back with another amazing contest! This time, they are giving away one free Steam key for Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition which will officially launch on March 6! Click the red button, go Giveaways – HRK Giveaway Challenge, complete the required tasks and you may be lucky enough to get a free copy! Contest ends on March 6, so hurry up!

Free Cities in Motion! [ENDED]

GameSessions is offering everyone the chance to get Cities in Motion for free! Click the button, login with your account and start downloading now! You just have to play the game for five minutes to keep it in your GameSessions for ever! This giveaway ends on March 19.

Soul Calibur Alpha Test! [ENDED]

Alpha testing for Soul Calibur is fast approaching and is offering everyone the chance to be a part of it! Click the red button now, sign up and get instant access plus a welcome gift of 1000 diamonds on the first day of log in and 500 diamonds on each of the following days! Additionally, your VIP level will increase from 0 on the first day of server launch to 4 on the last days! You...[Read More]

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Special Edition for Free! [ENDED] is offering one free key for Kingdom Come: Deliverance Special Edition! Click the button, go Giveaways – Giveaway Challenge, complete the listed tasks and when the contest ends on February 15 you may be the lucky one who gets the game for free!

Total War: ARENA – Free 500 Gold and 7 days of Premium [ENDED]

Total War: Arena is hosting an open access event for all players until February 12! New players can get a starting bonus of 500 Gold and 7 days of Premium Account by using the free codes below until February 5. For EU server the code is TWAEUOW and for USA server you must use TWANAOW Click the red button to download the Wargaming Game Center, select the “All Games” tab, then the “...[Read More]

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