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Mechwarrior Online: Free Champion Mech

The Solaris 7 Update for MechWarrior Online is live and to celebrate the occasion, you can score a free Solaris 7 Champion Mech [Uziel UZL-3P(C)] and Mechbay! Just click the red button which will take you to the game’s page where you will find out what you have to do to get your gift! Don’t worry, it’s not something difficult! You have until the 1st of May, so hurry up!

Closers Gift Key Giveaway

Alienware Arena and Nexon are joining forces to offer an exclusive Gift Pack for free! Click the red button, login to your Alienware account and get your key which will unlock a plethora of in-game items including an Alienware Arena Poster, 2 Small Plum Sodas, a Yukata costume full box set (containing variants for male and female characters) and many more! Hurry up before they run out of keys!

Armored Warfare: Gift Key (EU Only)

The Seasons update for Armored Warfare is live and is joining the celebrations with a gift of 3000 free keys! Click the red button, login to your account and get a ZBD-86 tank plus 3 days of Premium Time! Hurry up before they run out of keys! Note that the key is only valid for EU servers.

Conquer Online Gift Key Giveaway

Conquer Online and Free Game Keys are joining forces to offer a free gift Key full of in-game goodies! Click the red button now, finish the required tasks and follow the instructions listed to claim your gift pack! Note that you need to create a new character and you will get a set of level 15 super +3 equipment, EXP Balls, Dragon Balls and more! The offer ends on May 11

TERA Godsfall Exclusive Codes Giveaway [ENDED]

Gamespot is giving away free codes to get in-game items for TERA! Click the red button, login to your Gamespot account, complete the listed tasks and get your free key! Once redeemed it will give you 7 Days of Elite Status Game Time, 40 Valkyon Health Potions, 20 Strong Bravery Potions, the ability to change your heroes head for a day and the Grand HYDRATH Smart Box permanent costume! Hurry up, th...[Read More]

Star Trek Online Scorpion Fighter Key Giveaway

Steelseries and Perfect World Entertainment are giving away free Scorpion Fighter keys! Click the red button, login with your Steelseries account, push the “Get Your Key” button and follow the instructions listed to redeem your key!

Free Survarium – Explorer Pack! (DLC) is offering free Steam DLC keys for Survarium! Click the red button, login to your Gamecode account, complete the required tasks and you will get a free Explorer Pack containing 50 Spare Parts and 3 Access Keys which will help you start the game on the right foot!

Free Random DLC for Occult preRaise is giving away free random DLC character keys for Occult preRaise! Click the red button below, login with your Steam account and get yours now! Additionally, you may get a free copy from the Bayonetta, Cuphead, Fallout 4, Hollow Knight or Little Nightmares titles!

Free FeArea Starter Packs (DLC)

PCGamesn is giving away free Starter Packs (DLC) for FeArea, a new sci-fi MOBA with mechs! Click the red button, get the tasks listed done and you will get a key for your Pack including 7 days of premium account, 20 gold tokens and 1000 tokens of each class. The key must be redeemed in-game!

Survarium – Free Explorer Pack (DLC) is offering 10000 free Explorer DLC Packs for Survarium! Click the red button, log in with your Steam account, follow the instructions listed and you will get your free Steam keys! As always the core game is required.

Get Free Exclusive Content For Farming Simulator 2017

The #FarmingSimulatorChampionship at #Agritechnica2017 is still going strong. You can get some cool loot to if you head out to the game’s official website for some free exclusive extra content.  

Get Free In Game Content And Mounts For Battlerite

Battlerite is now free-to-play on Steam! Grab your ingame loot and new mounts to start off with style. (DLC) Sweet CandyCorn (DLC) TwitchIcorn (DLC) Elemental Steed Claim your Magic Royal Carpet Claim your Magic Moonlight Carpet  

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