ArcheAge: Dwarves & Warborn coming to Fresh Start


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ArcheAge: Dwarves & Warborn coming to Fresh Start

ArcheAge: Dwarves & Warborn coming to Fresh Start

Phase 4: Reign is coming to ArcheAge and is so big that it will have to be split up! Get ready for level cap being moved to 55 and Delphinad!

Dwarves and Warborn are arriving to Fresh Start servers! Short, ill-tempered and industrially sophisticated, the Dwarves have managed to become one of the most prominent factions of Erenor thanks to the might of their deadly war machines. They possess increased machinery crafting speed and they are able to fight in their mechanized battlesuits, the Jaggernaut. With them, two new zones are introduced, the Airain Rock and the Aubre Cradle.

Wraborn were once the servants of Orchidna and were released upon the world as a plague. But underneath the blood and gore, one can find tormented souls that seek to redeem themselves from their infamous past. You will find them move swiftly when carrying a trade pack and by calling on their tainted blood, they are able to transform into a monstrous Ravager and greatly increase their combat abilities!

Additionally, a new dungeon will become available. Mistsong is a beautiful, yet deadly place. It is by far the most challenging dungeon in ArcheAge! get ready to face mean Oni, collect Porcelain Jars filled with Jade Shards and combine 12 of these into a Jade Orb, which can contain useful items. If you make it past the Oni prepare yourself for difficult and exciting boss fights against Aria, Sojung, and Dochul. Mistsong is also known for the powerful gear rewards, which may help you become as formidable as the monsters that protect it!

What is more, new T2 cars and the Farm Freighters (8 slot) will become available and together with the newly introduced Fishing Boats which allow for Sport Fishing, you will find a new way to enjoy the game. Trade packs have been divided into 4 economic categories, Luxury, Fine, Commercial and Preserved respectively. The place and the time they were crafted together with the period of time that they remain unsold will now affect their price.

Fishing is back and it is revamped with all the previous fishing rods being retired in favor of a new permanent one! It can be upgraded and you can follow two different paths, with one favoring flexibility and the other sturdiness. Also, you can participate in Sport Fishing just by crafting a special type of lure which will allow you to Sport Fish for 2 hours.

Finally, the Delphinad Ghost Ship, will no longer reward you with packs worth gold; instead, they can be exchanged for Stone Slabs which in turn can be turned in for Charcoal Stabilizers at a Shadow Merchant (one Stone Slab will generate 60 Charcoal Stabilizers and the Delphinad will drop 30 Stone Slabs).

For more information on changes and upcoming modifications, please visit the Official page

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