ArcheAge: New hoodies available in the Marketplace!


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ArcheAge: New hoodies available in the Marketplace!

ArcheAge: New hoodies available in the Marketplace!

For all of you fans of ArcheAge, Trionworlds has announced that you will be able to get your hands on brand new, masterfully crafted hoodies representing a specific group of youths from the City of Towers! So, if you want to create a unique appearance for yourself, head to the Marketplace, buy a Streetwise Stash Lockbox for just 420 credits and who knows, you might get a rare Crimson Kings Hoodie or another item of varying rarity!

Players on the Fresh Start server may get a common drop such as Yellow Regrade Charms or Clear Synthium Shards or uncommon drops like Specialization Snowflake or a Salon Certificate; or even better, you can get a rare drop such as Crimson Kings Hoodie or a very rare drop, for example an Aurora Storage Chest!

For those playing on the Legacy server, the lockbox can contain any of the items players of the Fresh Start server may get, plus Sunpoints, Moonpoints or Starpoins (common drops), Superior Yellow Regrade Charms or Red Regrade Charms (uncommon drops), Lucky Moonpoints, Starpoints or Sunpoints (rare drops) or finally unique very rare drops such as Wrapped Serendipity Stone or Duun’s Blessing!

What is more, regardless of your server, with 1850 credits you can get your own Blue Devils Hoodie or a Flamewolves Hoodie (320 Loyalty points) directly from the Marketplace!

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