ArcheAge: Fresh Start Conquer Phase is Live


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ArcheAge: Fresh Start Conquer Phase is Live

ArcheAge: Fresh Start Conquer Phase is Live

Brave adventurers, the next phase of Fresh Start is live! Check out all the new content that’s now available; it’s time to conquer!

Serpentis and Sea of Drowned Love: hordes of mighty enemies await you and your raid in Serpentis for great rewards in the form of powerful gear! The evil goddess Dahuta is going to put your skills to the test – bring as many allies as you can! Additionally, those that are lucky enough will get their hands on the Mysterious Gem, the beginning of a long and hazardous journey in order to craft the ultimate accessory, the Dream Ring!

For those of you who love exploration, Auroria will satisfy your thirst with Sungold Fields, Exeloch, and the new housing district, Golden Ruins! What is more, new and powerful enemies lurk in the shadows; Jola the Cursed, Meina and Glenn and other abominations are ready to feast on your flesh!

Finally, those of you that want to travel in style, the Thunderstrucks are here! The Timber Coupe, Comet Speedster, and Apex Squall are now available to craft but if you don’t like showing off, you can just upgrade your Farm Wagon (4 crates) to the larger and more practical Farm Hauler (6 crates).

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