ArcheAge: Letter from the Team – Legends Return


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ArcheAge: Letter from the Team – Legends Return

ArcheAge: Letter from the Team – Legends Return

April 5 is the launch date for ArcheAge’s Update 4.5, also known as Legends Return, featuring mythical dragons and long forgotten secrets hidden in the dark places of the world! So. let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Two new servers are set to launch, Ezi in Europe and Nui in North America. They are going to be progression servers, just like the Orchidna one in Korea, meaning that they will feature a level 50 cap, Magnificent level gear and they will focus on the mainland continents. During the coming months they will evolve with new events, dungeons, Boss fights and new unlocked crafting tiers. The new servers are already online and waiting for you to start pre-creating your hero and reserve your preferred name. All you need to do is create a new Trion account and get a special Legends Return Entry Pack. These packs will allow you to reserve your Hero’s name and give you some cosmetic items and titles you can use on April 5, the launch day.

red dragon mount

As you must have already guessed from the picture above, the new update will introduce rideable Dragons! That’s right, find the frozen heart of the legendary Red Dragon and speak with the Daru priests in major cities in order to begin the quest chain which will eventually reward you with your own Dragon to ride and fight alongside with! Dragons are excellent Crowd controllers in fights and devastating siege weapons!

Additionally, the defeat of a World Boss will start a new event with shadow beasts gathering in the area and attacking whoever being there. Their elimination will result in unlocking of new achievements, completion of new quests and dropping of crates full of lunarite and sometimes the even rarer superior lunarite that can be used for crafting! What is more, the brand-new feature of Crafting Requests will help those of you that want to have a new item created or upgrade one they already own; just visit any Crafting Request workbench or open up your folio, click the appropriate Crafting Request button, add the materials needed and offer a fee in gold for any crafter that wishes to take up the job! Also, remember when you tried to regrade an item and the process failed? Now, you will not end up with your item destroyed, instead it will be crystallized, meaning that its enchantments will not be able to be regraded further. However, you want be getting crystallized items often since regrade success rates will be seriously boosted making it easier for you to climb the Celestial!

Launch date is approaching but until then, a lot of things are going to change! To get updates and more information, please visit the Official Site

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