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ArcheAge: Continue your Conquest

ArcheAge: Continue your Conquest

The battle for Erenor continues on the Fresh Start servers, Nui & Ezi as we are entering Phase 2! Get ready for new monsters to slay, new places to explore, brand-new craftable gear and illegal farms to camp!

You have already gotten to know Diamond Shores and Mistmerrow in Auroria. Now, you are invited to explore, hunt in, gather resources and quest in Nuimari, Heedmar, Marcala, and Calmlands! Search for Regrade Braziers, get sun/moon/star points and craft Regrade scrolls, or plant Archeum Saplings for archeum!

Now is the time to use all your stocked-up materials to upgrade your Magnificent gear to Epherium tier! Alternatively, you can try and get the Hiram Guardian gear; each piece starts at Grand tier and has 3 bonus stats. It drops from Abyssal Legion mobs that can be found on all 4 new locations and it uses the Synthesis system to be upgraded. Each time an item gains a tier you can reroll one of its stats, so choose wisely!

What is more, Phase 2 will allow you to upgrade your Farm Carts to Farm Wagons which will help you earn some extra coin faster, plus, you will get to craft a Glider and marvel at the beauty of Erenor from the skies-and you can upgrade it too!

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