ArcheAge: Relics of Hiram is Live!


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ArcheAge: Relics of Hiram is Live!

ArcheAge: Relics of Hiram is Live!

ArcheAge 5.0 – Relics of Hiram is now live! Get ready to explore great new mysteries and unlock the dark power of Malediction!

Champions of Erenor will have a brand-new area to explore, the Western Hiram Mountains! It’s a new endgame region with new challenges and rewards, plus new gear!

Furthermore, the new expansion introduces a never-before-seen skill, Malediction! It adds 45 new class combinations for players to experience and will allow you to use dark magic to empower your hero while weakening your enemies at the same time!

Additionally, the new update brings a new tier of Hiram gear for players to awaken. The new Brilliant Hiram Guardian Gear sits between Ayanad and Erenor in terms of power and can be obtained by completing daily quests. What is more, you can improve the stats of armor and weapon! Thanks to the new Tempering System you can reach a maximum of +30 Tempering Points. You can get Solar and Lunar Tempers from Prince’s Crates, Queen’s Crates as well as Ancestral Crates. Also, from mining Mysterious Minerals that spawn in the Western Hiram Mountains!

Get ready for an epic update! For more information, you can visit the Official page

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