ArcheAge: Legends Return is Live!


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ArcheAge: Legends Return is Live!

ArcheAge: Legends Return is Live!

Trion Worlds and XLGAMES announced the official launch of Update 4.5 for ArcheAge, also known as Legends Return! Get ready for Dragon mounts, two new progression servers, features like Shadow Invasions and many many more!

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These two new servers, Nui and Ezi, for North America and Europe respectively, will offer time-locked content for the first time ever in ArcheAge! Players will have a slow start with low caps and content from the game’s original launch with new features like Castle Sieges being added later on. Additionally, there will be marketplace restrictions ensuring that all players start on equal terms and that they all reach the level cap before it is raised.

Dragons can now be raised and trained as battle mounts! Daru trainers will provide all that is needed in order to raise and upgrade your black, red, and green dragons, including pieces of armor that can be added to improve their stats!

Shadow Invasions will be rift events which will start once an important World Boss is slain; new threats will emerge from the shadows threatening all that are in the nearby areas and players must work together to defeat them for rewards like rare materials and Gilda Stars! What is more, additional improvements like the removal of the destruction possibility when crafting an item and a major skillset update will ensure a greatly improved gaming experience!

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