ArcheAge: Ice Fishing for Fun and Profit


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ArcheAge: Ice Fishing for Fun and Profit

ArcheAge: Ice Fishing for Fun and Profit

ArcheAge presents the bran-new Miroir Tundra Ice Fishing Festival! From January 30 until February 14, players of level 30+ will have the opportunity to fish for many cool rewards!

To enter the festival, you can either find your way to the Miroir Tundra or visit a festival worldgate in Austera, Marianople, or the Diamond Shores portal to get teleported there! For the whole duration of the event PvP outside of Guild Dominions will be forbidden. Fisherman Hans will  give you your entry quest and with it the blueprint to craft a special Wrapped Ice Fishing Rod. This is a daily quest which will allow you to get the “Through The Miroir Glass” book or acquire an extra Ice Fishing Coin!

What is more, Fisherman Rohen will need your help to fish hungry Blizzard Cubs, Fisherman Deckard will urge you to bring 20 Iron Ingots to him as he continues the search for a legendary sea monster or you can build an Igloo following the instructions of Lazia, the Igloo Guide at certain times of the day, depending on your region!

Festival rewards are great! Apart from the “Through The Miroir Glass” book, you will find all sorts of Lanterns, a Crest Fish Kite, a Pink Marlin Weapon Crate (Weapon Skins), a Winter Worker’s Scroll, Ice Warrior’s Heart and many more!

For additional information on this amazing festival, please visit the Official Site

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