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ArcheAge: Winter Festivities

ArcheAge: Winter Festivities

Winter is here! Share the holiday spirit with warm, winter wardrobes and join in a festive snowball fight of fury!

Snowball Arena Arrives on December 19. Take your group of 3 and queue up with others to participate in a brutal, snowy brawl! Before joining in the merry mayhem, you should pick one of the three available buffs; Frozen Snowballs slow down enemies by applying two stacks of Chill. Alternatively, you can choose Whirlwind Blizzard which boosts the damage dealt by Blizzard, or Expert Thrower which reduces Mana Cost and Cooldown of Snow Bomb.

Furthermore, once you are in the arena, you can use Dash, Throw Snowball, Blizzard, Snow Bomb and Teleportation. Also, look out for randomly appearing Ice Bubbles; destroy them with Snow Bombs and trigger a plethora of effects! Additionally, if you spot a snowman in a match, take him down! Be careful though, he may turn you in a snowman minion! Depending on the outcome of a match, you will be rewarded with Kyrios Badges, Mysterious Hiram Infusions, and Snowball Tokens. You can exchange Snowball Tokens for a host of amazing prizes including a Cupcake Whimsy Hat, a Bound Serendipity Stone, Decorative Cupcakes and many more!

Finally, and up until January 3, you can purchase some returning in-game goodies! These include Winter Festival Costumes, Decor Bundles, packs and more!

Get ready for an amazing holiday season! For more information, you can visit the Official page

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