PG Weekly Roundup – Star Trek Online season 14 queue, updates, new launches and more! – Week 39

PG Weekly Roundup – Star Trek Online season 14 queue, updates, new launches and more! – Week 39

Star Trek Online: Season 14 space queue

Star Trek Online announces the Dranuur Gauntlet, a brand new queue for five players of level 60 and higher; the Lukari-Kentari colony on planet Dranuur is threatened by an enemy force and you must keep them at bait while the engineer teams try to get the defense system going! Get the full story at Star Trek Online: Announcing the Season 14 Space Queue

World of Warships: Clan Battles!

The First Season of Clan Battles will soon be underway and participants will be able to enjoy dynamic classes with updated rules, increased XP, Naval Bases, new Tier X ships for rental and many more!

The 7vs7 format will go under major changes with only one battleship allowed for every team in order to achieve a more balanced gameplay; what is more, and with balance in mind, aircraft carriers will also be excluded from the First Season. However, since the whole season will be played with tier X vessels only, anyone who have participated in a Clan or Random battle with a ship of tier 8 to 10 will be awarded with a temporary gift of three special tier X ships to use until the end of the Season! Read more at World of Warships: Clan Battles coming soon!

EVE Online: Valkyrie #ENTERTHEWARZONE and online mass test!

This week in EVE Online, we followed the Guest blog where we learned about a few key features for the upcoming expansion of the popular title EVE: Valkyrie. These include two brand-new maps inspired by real New Eden locations, a new game mode called Extraction and many more major and minor changes! Get more information at EVE Online: Guest Blog – EVE Valkyrie – #ENTERTHEWARZONE

And on the 28th of September, players were invited to join the mass test that launched on the Singularity test server and were able to have a first look of the updated graphics, the new refineries, test the moon mining process and report on the server’s performance. Go to EVE Online Review NEVE Online: Join the next EVE Online mass test on 28 September – Moon mining and updated asteroid visuals and read more!

Neverwinter: Bosses of the Tomb of the Nine Gods and Swords of Chult!

The Tomb of Annihilation expansion brought a new dungeon, Tomb of the Nine Gods and with it a number of epic bosses; Orcus, the first boss may seem easy but due to his new abilities and the surroundings he will challenge your team’s skills! Withers, the second boss is a master o traps and contraptions and directs the fight from a magical sealed booth high above the ground while Ras Nsi, the guardian of the Tomb and the final boss will require skill, understanding of the environment, quick reflexes and luck to be defeated! Read more at Neverwinter Dev Blog: Bosses of Tomb of the Nine Gods

And this week Neverwinter announced that the bran-new expansion Swords of Chult will officially launch on the 24th of October and it will introduce a new end-game Sirmish, overhauled PVP system, gear and stats changes and many more! Get a more detailed look at Neverwinter Review NeNeverwinter: Announcing Swords of Chult – Arriving 10/24!

The Elder Scrolls Online: The Clockwork City!

This week, we tried to get an answer on what the Clockwork City really is; this strange place that many say is a miniature of Tamriel inside a glass dome, has its unique flora and fauna of mechanical constructs that the legend says were created by Sotha Sil himself! Adventurers will have to find their place in this strange city and in the meantime unravel a Daedric conspiracy. More information at The Elder Scrolls Online: What is the Clockwork City?

League of Legends: New Champion, Evelynn and preseason update!

Evelynn is the new featured champion of League of Legends and she is a demonic temptress and is a real handful; her amazing abilities can charm your opponents’ minions, pin them to the ground, damage them over time and ultimately decimate them! Read on at League of Legends Champion Update: Evelynn, Agony’s Embrace and don’t forget to take a look at the featured video below:

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But that’s not all! There is an update coming this November and this week the game released some information about it; fans should be expecting a major overhaul of the rune and mastery system and the brand-new bluer essence, a merge of the blue essence and IP. And to help you prepare for what’s coming, Riot Games has removed the level cap! Visit League of Legends Preseason Update: Forge Your Path and read more but also check the featured video below:

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DC Universe Online: New episode!

Riddled with Crime is the name of this brand-new episode where players are called to assist Gotham City’s Police Department to terminate the all-out war that has broken out between the Joker and the Riddler before it tears the city apart. Players will be able to enjoy new missions, a new 4-player operation, a new 8-player raid and an original open world zone. Watch the featured video below and visit DC Universe Online New Episode: RIDDLED WITH CRIME! to learn more!

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NosTale: United States launch!

NosTale, the popular anime MMORPG from Entwell has officially launched in the United States! Players will be able to enjoy the intriguing story, the extended pet system which allows to catch, tame and train wild animals to fight by their side and the three unique classes with their distinct skills and abilities! Watch the video below and go at NosTale Launches in the US for more details!

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Marvel Heroes 2016: Age of Apocalypse!

In the other superhero title featured this week, we witnessed the Age of Apocalypse Event which will put players against four of the most powerful X-Men cloned by Mr Sinister to serve as the deadliest Four Horsemen ever! The event also introduces the Omega difficulty which will really challenge your skills but will also handsomely reward you, new are rare outfits, improved XP and loot drops and many more! Watch the trailer and go to Marvel Heroes 2016: Apocalypse Awakens! to learn more!

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RuneScape: The Lost Grove

Lost Grove has been one of the most well-guarded secrets in Gielinor up until now! The newest update for RuneScape invites players to explore this mysterious place and discover its secrets. Meet Teelee and help her in her tasks and search and slay three powerful monsters that will get you XP and GP! Read more at RuneScape: The Lost Grove

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Interface changes

Patch 4.1 The Legend Returns is scheduled to launch very soon and it will introduce a lot of new content and more importantly many changes and modifications to User Interface which promise to make our lives much more easier! Read about these changes at FINAL FANTASY XIV: An Interface Lift

In other news…

In other news for this week, RuneScape gave us a glimpse of what’s in store for October; with a brand new and completely free game mode, Halloween events and more, it is going to be a very interesting month! You can read more at RuneScape: The Month Ahead – October 2017

In The Elder Scrolls Online we read about the Reaper’s Harvest Crown Crates and all the amazing (and pretty frightening) goodies we can find inside them including rare mounts, consumables and special gear! Read the full story at The Elder Scrolls Online: Introducing the Reaper’s Harvest Crown Crate Season

Finally, this week in Star Trek Online, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation with the release of a brand-new Captain uniform that was first worn in the aforementioned TV series! What is more, a new type 7 Shuttle will soon be available for all Federation Captains, for free! Read on at Star Trek Online: Celebrate TNG’s 30th with a Skant and a Shuttle!


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