League of Legends Champion Update: Evelynn, Agony’s Embrace

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League of Legends Champion Update: Evelynn, Agony’s Embrace

League of Legends Champion Update: Evelynn, Agony’s Embrace

The demon Evelynn lures in prey with a beautiful lie, attracting with a charming woman aura, but as soon as they fall for her she subjects them to unspeakable torment, gratifying herself with their pain! You will be a true living nightmare for your opponents on the Rift…

Abilities include the passive Demon Shade helping her to restore health quickly and granting camouflage from Level 6 and beyond. The Hate Spike deals damage to the first unit hit as Evelynn launches the attack to a target direction and provides additional damage for the next three spells or attacks on the same target. Lust Dust is a curse like no other. It will slow the target, possibly charm it and reduce its magic resistance in case the target is an enemy champion. If the target is a monster the length of the charm will be increased and the spell will deal bonus damage. Whiplash impales an enemy applying on-hit effects, dealing damage as a percentage of the target’s maximum health and granting a short burst of speed to Evelynn. Ultimately, Widowmaker unleashes Evelynn’s demonic energy, making her un-targetable and decimating enemies in front of her!

For additional information and details you can also check out the video preview below or visit the Official Page.

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnMPhWQNDXU” /]

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