Star Trek Online: Announcing the Season 14 Space Queue

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Star Trek Online: Announcing the Season 14 Space Queue

Star Trek Online: Announcing the Season 14 Space Queue

Commander, your help is needed!

The Lukari-Kentari colony on planet Dranuur is in grave danger; a hostile fleet has taken advantage of its unfinished orbital defenses and is getting ready for an all-out assault; you and other ships in the sector are called to assist in any way you can!

Dranuur Gauntlet is a brand new, cross-faction queue for five players of at least level 60 with normal, advanced, and elite versions. You and your teammates must do your best to keep the planetary defenses intact while the ground crews will try to replicate important systems and components; when ready, they will fully activate the defense system and together you will be able to repel the enemy forces! In charge of the colonial teams are Captains La Forge and Kuumaarke; Captain La Forge especially, has a reputation of a miracle worker so you should expect pleasant surprises throughout the battle!

Do your best Commander, this colony is extremely important and must not fall into enemy hands!

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