RuneScape: Month Ahead – November

It’s November in RuneScape so let’s see what lies up ahead for this month! Mining & Smithing Beta. The highly anticipated rework in Mining and Smithing is finally here! It is scheduled to launch on November 13 and it will give full access to all content! No area restrictions, ability to mine while AFK, no depletion of materials, ability to make masterwork and trimmed masterwork arm...[Read More]

RuneScape: Month Ahead – October

It’s October in RuneScape and developers have special surprises for you! Prepare for a brand new mini world event featuring the mythical Riders of the Apocalypse, the return of Customer Support Week and more! This is the month of Halloween so get ready for the annual event in the form of a mini World event called “Til Death Do Us Part”! A mysterious rift has appeared outside of D...[Read More]

RuneScape: Month Ahead – September

September has arrived in RuneScape and the developers are planning to keep you busy with rewards for your unused Quest Points, the return of the raffle and a brand-new feature, Player-Owned Farms! The Player-Owned Farm is a popular demand from the game community and as from September 3, players will have a plot of land to call their own and dozens of animals to look after! Granny Potterington is o...[Read More]

RuneScape: Month Ahead – August

August has arrived in RuneScape, so let’s see what is planned for you! Staring from the end of the month, more specifically from August 31 to September 3, a Double XP Weekend is waiting for you! Start gathering those precious resources! Prior to the Double XP Weekend, there will be an introduction of master skillcape perks for Invention, Dungeoneering and Slayer at level 120, plus perks for ...[Read More]

RuneScape: RunePass – Ocean’s Bounty

Runepass – Ocean’s Bounty is a two-week long event with a variety of tasks and challenges that will allow players to level up to tier 30. The higher the tier, the better the rewards! Everyone can progress through the free track and get rewarded, but those who want something extra can purchase a Runepass for 400 RuneCoins and get two new task slots and gain access to the golden track, w...[Read More]

RuneScape: Temple of Aminishi – Elite Dungeon

The Temple of Aminishi, the first ever Elite Dungeon for RuneScape is here! To join the fight and test your skills, you must complete the Port Sarim quest ‘Impressing the Locals’ and team up with up to other players via the grouping system or attempt to solo the dungeon for a much more difficult experience and far greater rewards! This is a great way to train Dungeoneering and at the s...[Read More]

RuneScape: Month Ahead – June

Summer is here for good but RuneScape has decided to take you underground this month! Get ready for Temple of Aminishi, the first elite dungeon where guardian spirit Seiryu and the water acolytes will put your skills to the test! Also, the Hall of Memories, a new training method for level 70+ Divination will be introduced together with Menaphos’ first anniversary celebrations! So, what about...[Read More]

RuneScape: Solak

Get ready for a tough encounter with Solak! Visit the Lost Grove and talk to Merethiel by the centre circle and when you enter the instance, talk to Solak to begin. Solak is a release from Mod Ramen and uses the knowledge picked up from Nex: Angel of Death. It’s a difficult fight where each player has a specific role to focus on; as the encounter progresses you will notice that a story is be...[Read More]

RuneScape Classic: Farewell

The developing team behind RuneScape has announced that they are going to shut down RuneScape Classic, the first version of the game, launched back in 2001. They have admitted that the main reason behind this decision is the fact that they can’t support RuneScape Classic together with RuneScape and Old School RuneScape, as their tools are no longer compatible with the older one. Additionally...[Read More]

RuneScape: Month Ahead – May

May is officially here and in RuneScape everyone will be hunting down plants! Get ready for Solak, the newly added boss, brand-new outfits, Postbag from the Hedge parcel delivery and more! Solak comes as a duo-mode challenge and as a 7-player mode. In the first one, he’s going to give you a run for your money as the whole fight is designed to be the most emphatic combat experience in the gam...[Read More]

RuneScape: The Horrors – Shadow Sale – GameBlast Highlights

Something dark and sinister seems to be coming out of the jungles and caves of Mos Le’Harmless. Creatures known as the Horrors are slowly ascending; as if they feed on the promise of greater evils, their appearance changes making them even more terrifying, they know slowly turn into the Unspeakable Horrors! These red-eyed beasts have the same Slayer level with their cave-dwelling “cous...[Read More]

RuneScape: Return of the Mimic Boss!

This week in RuneScape, the Mimic Boss is back! Until February 19, brave adventurers can take the Mimic Boss challenge in four difficulty settings (easy, medium, hard or elite) to earn a Mystery Box containing amazing rewards! Just get a free (soulbound) boss token from a Mimic Chest in Burthorpe outside the Warriors’ Guild and you will be teleported to the Mimic Chamber to face the boss! Re...[Read More]

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