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RuneScape: The Lost Grove

RuneScape: The Lost Grove

RuneScape introduces a brand new update and with it you are welcome to discover The Lost Grove, one of the oldest and most well-kept secrets of Gielinor!

But what’s so important about this place? The Lost Grove is known to be the home of wisps and fairies living peacefully in the shade of the Great Tree which stands in the center of the area. Among them lives Teelee, a fairy who’s in charge of appeasing the tree spirits. For the new Weekly Distraction and Diversion, Wisps of the Grove, adventurers will have to help her out and in exchange they will be handsomely rewarded with Hunter and Farming XP. What is more, they will have the chance to get Vinny, a rare, new pet!

More importantly, Morvan will give players of level 104 and above the challenging task of finding and slaying three different monsters for XP and GP! These are the Vinecrawlers that offer the best GP per hour, the Bulbous Crawlers that target players of level 106 and higher and offer equal gains in XP and GP and the Moss Golems which will give you the best XP per hour. Also, get ready for an amazing collection of treasures and loot and especially the new T85 Hybrid Cinderbane gloves, a pair of gauntlets that poison your opponents with every successful hit!

For more information on the various other fixes and modifications, please visit Official Page

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