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PG Weekly Roundup – Paladins Open Beta 62 Patch, other games’ events, announcements and future plans! – Week 44

Paladins: Ride the Lightning! This week in Paladins, the official launch of Open Beta Patch 62 took place. Apart from bug fixes, the new patch introduces new portraits for your Champions, Spray preview in Champion customization and Legendary Class Keys guaranteeing at least one Legendary Card per class! Read more at Paladins: Open Beta 62 Patch – Ride the Lightning RIFT: Autumn Harvest! Autumn Har...[Read More]

PG Weekly Roundup – Star Trek Online season 14 queue, updates, new launches and more! – Week 39

Star Trek Online: Season 14 space queue Star Trek Online announces the Dranuur Gauntlet, a brand new queue for five players of level 60 and higher; the Lukari-Kentari colony on planet Dranuur is threatened by an enemy force and you must keep them at bait while the engineer teams try to get the defense system going! Get the full story at Star Trek Online: Announcing the Season 14 Space Queue World ...[Read More]

DC Universe Online New Episode: RIDDLED WITH CRIME!

“Riddled with Crime” is your newest mission in DC Universe Online and you will need to terminate the gang war between Joker and Riddler, teaming up and assisting GCPD saving Gotham City from tearing apart. The episode which is available from Wednesday, September 20, is free to access for Members, features new missions in a new open world zone, the Amusement Mile Gang War, two new 2-player duos “Te...[Read More]

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