World of Warships: Clan Battles coming soon!

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World of Warships: Clan Battles coming soon!

World of Warships: Clan Battles coming soon!

The First Season of Clan Battles will kick off together with Update 0.6.12’s release and you will have a chance to participate in dynamic battles governed by special rules, earn Oil in order to develop your Naval Base, get increased Free XP, rent Tier X ships and fight for the top positions in the Leaderboard!

The 7×7 format is going under some changes such as the “one battleship” limit in order to avoid adversely affecting cruisers’ ability to actively participate in battle by delivering cross-fire from their high-caliber guns, in case that two or more battleships are present in one team. Additionally, aircraft carriers are excluded from the First Season of Clan Battles, as the results showed that a well-coordinated team with an aircraft carrier can provide perfect reconnaissance through the entire map, create a lot of issues for the opposing team’s destroyers and in general reduce the variability of the battle and the role of torpedo attacks.

As Clan Battles will be played exclusively with Tier X ships and in order make things smoother for a lot of players who don’t have Tier X ships to participate, anyone who played a Random or Clan Battle with Tier VIII–X ship will be given a set of three special Tier X ships, for temporary use, until the end of the First Season of Clan Battles.

The battlegrounds for the First Season include four maps; Islands of Ice, Mountain Range, Hotspot, and the Sea of Fortune. Players are advised to revise their usual tactics and strategies for these maps, as the Key Areas will be relocated.

For additional information and details you can also check the Official Page.

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