PG Weekly Roundup – EverQuest II Planes of Prophecy, announcements, updates and Halloween events! – Week 42

PG Weekly Roundup – EverQuest II Planes of Prophecy, announcements, updates and Halloween events! – Week 42

EverQuest II: Planes of Prophecy!

This past week in EverQuest II, we were invited to an early livestream where the game’s developers introduced us to the upcoming expansion and the new features it brings; it was also announced that users who decided to pre-order Planes of Prophecy would get access to its beta testing! Read more at EverQuest II Planes of Prophecy Expansion Stream – October 17.
What is more, some details were released in regard with the new expansion’s beta testing; more specifically, players are going to be rewarded according to the level of their involvement! Prizes include Potions, mount items, Equipment Infusers and more! For the whole story, check EverQuest II: Planes of Prophecy Beta Testing has Begun!

The Elder Scrolls Online: Asylum Sanctorium and the Witches Festival!

This week in The Elder Scrolls Online, a new trial, Asylum Sanctorium, was introduced. This is a 12-man challenge with three bosses in total that can be dealt with in the way of your choosing; coordination, communication and good skills are required in order to emerge victorious and reap the amazing rewards including the ultra-rare Runeboxes! More information at The Elder Scrolls Online: Clockwork City – Asylum Sanctorium
What is more, the Witches Festival returns to Tamriel! Participants will enjoy a 100% XP buff, kill monsters and get festival-themed loot including Plunder Skulls containing rare items or visit the Crown Store and purchase exclusive seasonal items! Read on at The Elder Scrolls Online: Return of the Witches Festival!

Warface: Four Years’ Anniversary!

Warface turned 4 this week and to celebrate the occasion developers announced a weekend full of events with rich prizes! Rewards include weapons, special skins, gift cards and a chance to get the rare Black Hawk Axe! For the full story check Warface: Four years’ anniversary!

TERA: Halloween and the return of Kyra!

Halloween is here and this week in TERA we were introduced with the various celebratory events it brings and the grand prizes that await for us TERA: Halloween is Here! Part of these celebrations include the return of Kyra event which will give players the chance to get amazing rewards including costumes, pets, accessories and catalysts that can be traded for cash! You can find the full story at Kyra returns to TERA for Halloween!

Hearthstone: Guide to the Lower Citadel

This week in Heartstone we read all about the lower levels of the Lich Kings fortress, Icecrown Citadel! Three powerful bosses, Lord Marrowgar, Deathbringer Saurfang, and Lady Deathwhisper await the daring adventurers and the comprehensive guide explains everything there is to know! More information at Hearthstone: Guide to the Lower Citadel

RIFT: Bastion of Steel!

In RIFT, we were introduced with the upcoming Tier 2 raid, Bastion of Steel! This is going to be a considerable challenge for you and your teammates; note that full Tier 1 gear is recommended! If you are brave enough to participate in this 10-man, arena-like clash, survive the waves of enemies and defeat the three powerful Generals, you will be generously rewarded with Tier 2 gear! Check the full story at RIFT: Introducing Bastion of Steel

RuneScape: Dimension of the Damned!

Dimension of the Damned is the newest event for RuneScape, launched this week; players participate in a bloody feast of Zombie annihilation, every kill counts! The top 1000 players will enter the final round on October 28 and will compete for amazing prizes including a lifetime membership and all-expenses-paid trips! Read some more at RuneScape: Dimension of the Damned

In other news…

This week in Forsaken World we were introduced with the latest teaser for the upcoming Exordium expansion and took a sneak peek at the updated pet system, the new couple event and the newest system, Black Market! More info at Forsaken World: Exordium – Second Teaser

In RIFT: Meet the Mystic Archer! we got acquainted with RIFT’s latest mage soul, the unique Mystic Archer! This completely new ‘class’ uses a mystical bow and shoots magical bolts at its enemies!

Finally, in The Elder Scrolls Online we learned about the brand-new Transmutation System coming with the Clockwork City DLC that allows players to change Traits and stats for their equipped items at their hearts desire! The Elder Scroll Online: Clockwork City – Transmutation

It has been an exciting week for all of us, we hope you enjoyed yourselves too!

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