The Elder Scrolls Online: Clockwork City – Asylum Sanctorium

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Clockwork City – Asylum Sanctorium

The Elder Scrolls Online: Clockwork City – Asylum Sanctorium

The new trial of “Asylum Sanctorium”, where you will face the Clockwork God’s most dangerous creation, is coming soon for ESO Plus members and to the Crown Store!

The Asylum Sanctorium is a new type of Trial for both veteran and rookie groups, requiring 12-players and a high level of coordination and communication in order to complete. However, the new challenge has two main differences. It only has three bosses total and allows you to choose how you want to take them on. The only boss you actually have to kill is Saint Olms but in case you decide to skip Saint Felms and Saint Llothis bosses, be prepared to face them at the same time with Olms, making the last fight considerably harder.

Rewards include gear sets, achievements, skins and two new types of items dropped upon completion, the Asylum Weapons, being similar to the Master or Maelstrom Weapons, providing buffs to specific weapon abilities and the special ultra-rare Runeboxes. These Runeboxes contain a Clockwork Reliquary, a Polymorph that can turn your character into a mechanical factotum. What’s more, as long as you don’t open the Runebox when you first pick it up, you’re able to sell it on the markets or give it away.

For additional information and details, you can also visit the Official Page.

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