RIFT: Introducing Bastion of Steel


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RIFT: Introducing Bastion of Steel

RIFT: Introducing Bastion of Steel

Crucia’s army invasion on Ahnket, is soon expected and heroes must stop her in the upcoming Tier 2 raid, Bastion of Steel! The Bastion of Steel is nestled deep within Vostigar Peaks, the newest overland zone revealed in the Celestial Lands from 4.2: Celestial Storm, introducing an arena-style fight where waves of formidable enemies barrage players.

You will face some of Crucia’s most fearsome generals to prevent her from gaining the upper hand in the fight against Ahnket. In this 10 man raid, groups must defeat three generals; Azranel, Commander Isiel and Titan Xtake while taking care not to venture too far into the outer edges and avoid certain ground areas. Players will need a minimum of 2400 Hit (full Tier 1 gear) in order to be successful. It should be noted that upon completion, Tier 2 raid gear will be available for the first time in RIFT.

For additional information and details, you can also check out the Official Page.

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