RIFT 3 Days Patron Key Giveaway [ENDED]

Hello all. MMOBomb is giving you the chance to win on RIFT. Let’s hear them out. To celebrate ...[Read More]

Rift: Racing Snail Mount Key Giveaway [ENDED]

Hello all. FreeToGame is giving all the chance to win Rift: Racing Snail Mount. Read on for their of...[Read More]

Rift 5th Anniversary Racing Snail Giveaway! [ENDED]

What’s up all? We have another excellent offer from MMORPG for Rift. Read on for their offerin...[Read More]

Rift Free Mount [ENDED]

What’s up all? We have another excellent giveaway from GameItems for Rift. This is what they s...[Read More]

RIFT: Autumn Harvest Arrives Oct 18!

Autumn Harvest officially launches today! From October 18th, up until November 8, you can begin your...[Read More]

RIFT: Storm Legion Expansion Approaches RIFT Prime

Storm Legion, the next expansion for RIFT Prime is fast approaching! Get ready to face the evil forc...[Read More]

RIFT: The Next Big Prime Update is Here! Introducing 4.5!

Update 4.5 for RIFT Prime is here! Get ready for brand-new content including new quests, onslaughts,...[Read More]

RIFT: Summerfest Is Back

Summerfest, RIFT’s annual summer holiday event is back! From July 7 and until August 2 everyon...[Read More]

PG Weekly Roundup – Star Wars: The Old Republic Huge Giveaway and Other Games’ Promotions, Announcements and Updates! – Week 49

Star Wars: The Old Republic – NVIDIA GeForce© ‘Rule the Galaxy Story Pack’ Giveaway In one of the mo...[Read More]

RIFT: Fae Yule is Back!

Hello Ascended! Fae Yule is just around the corner, so get ready for the most festive time of year i...[Read More]

PG Weekly Roundup – Paladins Open Beta 62 Patch, other games’ events, announcements and future plans! – Week 44

Paladins: Ride the Lightning! This week in Paladins, the official launch of Open Beta Patch 62 took ...[Read More]

RIFT: Autumn Harvest Is Back!

The full moon approaches and RIFT’s Autumn Harvest is back! Login and play until Thursday, November ...[Read More]

PG Weekly Roundup – EverQuest II Planes of Prophecy, announcements, updates and Halloween events! – Week 42

EverQuest II: Planes of Prophecy! This past week in EverQuest II, we were invited to an early livest...[Read More]

RIFT: Introducing Bastion of Steel

Crucia’s army invasion on Ahnket, is soon expected and heroes must stop her in the upcoming Ti...[Read More]

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