TERA: Hands of Justice Giveaway (Console) [ENDED]

Hello fellow gamers. MMOHuts is giving everyone the opportunity to win TERA. Their message follows. ...[Read More]

Enter to win a TERA action figure and grab a Fists of Justice pack from En Masse and MOP

What’s up all? We have another great giveaway from Massively OP for TERA. Their message follow...[Read More]

Grab a TERA Fists of Velika consumables pack key for console courtesy of En Masse and MOP

What’s up all? Massively OP is giving everyone the chance to win big on TERA. This is what the...[Read More]

TERA Free Flying Bird Mount Giveaway! (North America server)

Hello fellow gamers. MMORPG is giving everyone the opportunity to win big on TERA. Let’s hear ...[Read More]

TERA Event: Rootstock

Rootstock is live! Play until Tuesday, December 11th and have fun in the countryside with piglings a...[Read More]

TERA: Patch 76 Preview

Patch 76 is almost here! Prepare yourselves for Elin Brawlers, the long-awaited talent system and a ...[Read More]

TERA: Prepare to Reach Your Apex in Dark Reaches!

Dark Reaches, the latest update for TERA is just around the corner! Get ready for amazing new Apex c...[Read More]

TERA: The Guardians of the Sky Update Is Live!

TERA’s latest update for PC, Guardians of the Sky is live! Get ready for Guardian Legion fligh...[Read More]

TERA: Announcing Phantom’s Keep Update!

TERA is proud to announce that its next major update, “The Phantom’s Keep” is set ...[Read More]

TERA: PC’s Summer Festival is Heating Up!

TERA’s Summer Festival is back! From Thursday, June 21 until Tuesday, July 31, visit the coast...[Read More]

TERA Event: Rootstock & Bamarama

Rootstock Festival is back in TERA! From April 17 until May 15, visit a festival helper, teleport to...[Read More]

TERA Event: Kelsaik’s Raid

Killian and Thulsa transformed the god Sikander into Kelsaik the uncontrollable. Although he was sup...[Read More]

TERA Event: The League of Levelers!

TERA proudly presents the return of the League of Levelers! Level up a Brawler from Tuesday, 06th Ma...[Read More]

Top MMORPG Games To Play

Hello fellow gamers! We are really excited to present the top MMORPG games list. In addition to our ...[Read More]

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