PG Weekly Roundup – Star Trek Online Allied Flight Cruiser Bundle and more! – Week 37

PG Weekly Roundup – Star Trek Online Allied Flight Cruiser Bundle and more! – Week 37

Star Trek Online: Get a brand new Allied Cruiser Bundle, visit the C-store for a 20% discount and get your reward for the first week of the Beyond the Nexus episode!

The T6 Allied Flight-Deck Assault Cruiser bundle will soon be available and players of level 50 and above will be able to get their hands on classic starship designs resurrected and made fit for modern age space travel! The Federation will have the Tellarite Pralim Flight-Deck Assault Cruiser [T6], the Klingon Empire will produce the Orion Blackguard Flight-Deck Assault Cruiser [T6]  and the Romulan Republic will create the Suliban Silik Flight-Deck Assault Cruiser [T6]! All new starships will share the same Universal Console and Starship Trait and will be available for purchase at the C-Store individually or packed together in the Cruiser Bundle! To see the full post, visit Star Trek Online: The Allied Flight Deck Cruiser Bundle!

But that’s not the only reason you should visit C-Store; until the 18th of September, everything, from the aforementioned T6 Allied Flight-Deck Assault Cruiser bundle to fleet modules and ship designs will be available for a 20% discount! What is more, for every first ever purchase of a T5 ship, the buyer will receive a free ship upgrade token! Now is the time to acquire the starship you always wanted! For more information, check Star Trek Online: 20% Ship Sale!

Finally, for players that complete the mission of the new featured episode Beyond the Nexus for the first time, there will be an amazing reward in the form of a Weekly Reward Box which will give them the choice between an Enhanced Universal Tech Upgrade or a Captain Specialization Point Box! What is more, every week new rewards will be rolled out with this ones being the Console-Engineering-Reinforced Armaments! For a more detailed look, visit  Star Trek Online: Beyond the Nexus Week 1 reward

TERA: brand-new update and extreme challenges!

September 12 marks the release of the bran-new update for TERA and with it a new and exciting dungeon, the Demon’s Wheel! Designed for players of level 65 and higher, it will test your skills, observation abilities and your luck! Face Demoros and Bandersnatch and try to outplay them in their own game for amazing rewards! Are you up to the task? You can learn more at TERA’s next update arrives September 12!

Alternatively, you can try to defeat Darkan and his minions in a completely overhauled dungeon that will greatly challenge you! From the 12th up until the 26th of September, players will be able to use the teleportal and enter the Sky Cruiser Endeavor EXTREME for amazing rewards including an Extreme Victory Chest and prizes that vary in accordance with how many times and how fast they will have completed the dungeon! Find out more at TERA: EXTREME Challenge, EXTREME Loot!

Star Wars: The Old Republic – This week’s specials in Cartel Market!

From the 12th to the 16th of September, the Cartel Market will offer the unique opportunity to equip your lightsaber with a rare white crystal for a 20% discount! If you would like to give your weapon a distinctive look, now is the time! And while you are visiting the market, don’t forget to check for a fully restored former Iokath Assault Droid, K1-Z3N for an amazing reduced prize! Check the full post at Star Wars: The Old Republic – Cartel Market Specials – Week of September 12, 2017

EVE Online: New SKIN for Sisters of EVE ships!

If you are a proud owner of a Sisters of EVE starship, now is the time to visit New Eden Store! There, you will find a brand-new SKIN that will give your vessel an amazing new red and blue look for a special prize! The new SKINS can be bought individually or collectively as part of the featured SKIN-bundle! You can read more at EVE Online: New Eden Store – Spectral Shift SKIN for Sisters of EVE ships

Skyforge: Demonic Invasion, Shadow Packs and a new class, The Revenant!

Following the invasion that started at September 6, demons have been sighted in the Lamber Forest! Your task is to destroy their defenses and in the same time protect the neutralizers who will try to supress the Astral disturbance; it will not be a walk in the park since Astral storms empower the demons and create a chaotic battlefield! Do your best and get rewarded with credits, knowledge of enemies and rare equipment! For more information check Skyforge: Demons in the Lamber Forest

And since the more you know about your enemies the easier it will be to beat them, why don’t you visit the store and buy a Shadow of Nihaz Pack? Besides credits, argents and other useful items,the Demonic Cold and Deadly Astral Packs all contain a demonic presence in its purest form and will also allow practitioners of the art of magic to yield demonic powers in the form of volatile weapons! If you want to learn more, visit Skyforge: Shadow of Nihaz Packs

Finally, from a distant corner of the planet comes a barbaric tribe of warriors, the Revenants; life-stealing heroes that have tasted immortality, always looking for an honorable death against a worthy opponent! They swing their deadly axes with their Base Attack a slow but steady damage dealer, use Smash to knock back their enemies, Decimate, a wide-arc swing that deals devastating damage, Dark Rush, an illusion of themselves while in the same time they draw life from their opponents! They are formidable and fearsome adversaries that will put your skills to the test! For more about the Revenants, check the full post at Skyforge The Arrival: Revenant Background & Abilities

Hearthstone: Visit the Tavern for Oktoberbrawl!

Oktoberbrawl is here so hurry up and join in! Join team Light or team Void, use the Welcome Bundle pack and the ten classic card packs and create your deck; fight against players of the opposite team and win a higher ranking and even more card packs for your collection! Each team’s progress will be monitored and there will be live coverage! Before jumping into action, take a moment and check the whole story at Heartstone: The Tavern is Open for Oktoberbrawl!

Guild Wars 2 presents its new Forums!

This week was marked by the introduction of Guild Wars’ new Forum bringing a plethora of novel features such us secure login technology, mobile support, ranks, avatars and a new search engine! Visitors and members will be able to see its contents but only owners of a paid Guild Wars 2 account in good standing will be able to post. To log in, users will have to follow a simple procedure with the help of their username and password. Check out Guild Wars 2: Welcome to the new Forums! for more!

Storm Riders: Weekly events!

Up until this Friday, the 15th of September, Storm Riders has a plethora of planned events for a chance to get amazing prizes! Spend gold and get Consumption Rewards; the more the better! Alternatively, you can play games or participate in lotteries to win great prizes and points that can be exchanged for even better items! Hurry up and join before it’s all over! For more information, go to Storm Riders: Weekly events

In other news…

Paladins celebrate their first year in Steam anniversary; starting from the 15th of September and for three days, the first three wins of the day will grand players 60 crystals giving them the chance to amass a total of 180 crystals! What is more and for the whole weekend, players will get double XP and Champion Mastery Cosmetics for a 50% discount!

What is more, World of Tanks has announced the beginning of a New Season for Ranked Battles featuring a revamped ranking and matcmaking system, a shorter duration for the whole event plus some minor changes in order to ensure that players will enjoy the game more and get rewarded according to their performance! And of course, new and exciting prizes await those that will manage to stand out!

Moreover, Brawlhalla announced a Season 6 Update which marks the start of a new ranking season; the update will also bring the long awaited Dash mechanic, Season 5 rewards, a new sidekick, a new scythe skin, and loads of balance improvements for a better gaming experience especially now that the Dash ability is introduced to the game.

And last but not least, Star Trek Online announced the Dranuur Colony Fleet Holding; It’s a colony established by the combined efforts of the Kentari and the Lukari and your fleet must assist in any way required in order for these two races to work together and in harmony. Gather provisions, train your units and participate in a simulated invasion for exciting rewards!

It’s been a great week here in Pivotal Gamers, we only hope that you enjoyed it too!

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