Skyforge The Arrival: Revenant Background & Abilities


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Skyforge The Arrival: Revenant Background & Abilities

Skyforge The Arrival: Revenant Background & Abilities

Do you believe immortality to be a blessing or a curse, hero? Either way, there is a dark side to immortality that has, until now, remained undiscovered for millennia…

As the background story goes, in a remote corner of the planet an ancient tribe of barbarians reside, touched by the essence of immortality much like you were, yet not quite in the same way. Isolated for near eternity with their own explicit culture, they have become barbaric, life-stealing revenants seeking the ultimate glory – death in combat versus worthy foes.

Main abilities include the Base Attack, dealing slow and steady swings with a brutal axe, the Siphon, drawing vitality from the target for 3 seconds, inflicting damage and pulling the target towards the caster, Smash, a devastating attack which knocks down all nearby opponents, Dark Rush, a self-illusion that can be unleashed in a selected direction and Decimate, an 8-meter wide AoE swing that will greatly increase your damage.

For additional information and details you can also check out the Official Page.

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