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Free Paladins

What’s up folks? Epic Games is giving everyone the chance to win on Paladins. Let’s hear...[Read More]

Free Paladins [ENDED]

Hello folks. We have another great giveaway from Epic Games for Paladins. Read on for their offering...[Read More]

Paladins Tier List

Our Paladins Tier List will help you decide which heroes you’ll want to breeze through even the game...[Read More]

Paladins Codes, Gift Keys & Coupons (June 2024)

A Few Words About Paladins Before diving into specifics about our Paladins giveaways, codes and offe...[Read More]

Free Paladins [ENDED]

Hello fellow gamers. We have another great giveaway from Epic Games for Paladins. Their message foll...[Read More]

Paladins: Free Bomb King Monarch Skin (DLC) is giving away 10000 free Bomb King Monarch Skin (DLC) keys for Paladins! Click the bu...[Read More]

Paladins: Sign Up for Twitch Prime and Unlock the Primal Prowler!

Paladins have announced their partnership with Twitch in order to offer the Battle Cat mount and the...[Read More]

PG Weekly Roundup – Star Wars: The Old Republic Huge Giveaway and Other Games’ Promotions, Announcements and Updates! – Week 49

Star Wars: The Old Republic – NVIDIA GeForce© ‘Rule the Galaxy Story Pack’ Giveaway In one of the mo...[Read More]

Paladins: Introducing Cards Unbound!

Paladins introduces Cards Unbound and elevates the free-to-play experience to higher levels! This is...[Read More]

PG Weekly Roundup – Paladins Open Beta 62 Patch, other games’ events, announcements and future plans! – Week 44

Paladins: Ride the Lightning! This week in Paladins, the official launch of Open Beta Patch 62 took ...[Read More]

Paladins: Open Beta 62 Patch – Ride the Lightning

The newest Open Beta 62 Patch will be launched today, November 2 on Paladins introducing new portrai...[Read More]

PG Weekly Roundup – Everquest II expansion prelude event, hot updates, previews and more! – Week 38

Everquest II: Something strange is going on… Something is not quite all right in regard with m...[Read More]

PG Weekly Roundup – Star Trek Online Allied Flight Cruiser Bundle and more! – Week 37

Star Trek Online: Get a brand new Allied Cruiser Bundle, visit the C-store for a 20% discount and ge...[Read More]

Paladins: Announcing the Community Skin Project!

Paladins, the very popular game from Hi-Rez Studios has recently surpassed 11 million registered use...[Read More]

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