TERA’s next update arrives September 12!


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TERA’s next update arrives September 12!

TERA’s next update arrives September 12!

On September 12, get ready for TERA’s newest update and with it, prepare to put your skills to the test in Demon’s Wheel, a brand new dungeon where observation and sheer luck may be your only means to survive!

When you reach item level 423, you will be informed of a strange town in the outskirts of Allemantheia; it is so weird that it makes even the high elders uneasy. You set out to visit it, only to discover that the adults have abandoned their families and homes to test their luck within the Demon’s Wheel; there is only one way to save them from their addiction and that is to face the two cunning bosses dwelling in there.

Follow the homonym quest, form a team of five heroes of a higher than 65 level and challenge Demoros and Bandersnatch! Bandersnatch sends two waves of explosions against your team and you must guess the total number of blasts and the color of auras if you want to determine the safe zones. The villagers will give you some tips that will help you survive. Demoros on the other hand can’t be killed; you will have to fill you luck meter before he fills up his! In order to do so, you can either beat him in dice or get hit by giant coins that fall from the skies; when you reduce his health to a certain total, Fever Time will be triggered creating showers of those coins!

If you manage to clear this 4-star dungeon, you will be rewarded with crafting materials, Bane accessories or an Ambush belt! For more information, please visit Official Page

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