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Garbage game

This is without a doubt one of the worst games I’ve ever played in my entire life.This game is...[Read More]

Terrible game

If you genuinely enjoy this game you have a mental problem and should get checked out by a psychiatr...[Read More]

client is crashing more than it works

The client is always freezing after a game, doesnt matter if its TFT or Rift. Literally been like th...[Read More]

needs flash

needs flash to run flash dont work anymore

Wanting see a real shooter

Would like to see the game get rid of all hacking. To see who the real shooters are . Anybody can tu...[Read More]

Great game with some bugs

Great game with some bugs. Should add matchmaking to derilict. And earth defense missions, enemies g...[Read More]

Chronicles of Elyria: A Breath of Fresh Air

We’ve all been there before.  You’re playing an MMO, and you’re loving it.  You’re the hero! Without...[Read More]

Is Warframe Pay to Win? Yes, but it doesn’t really matter!

Digital Extremes’ brilliant title, Warframe, has often been accused of being Pay-to-Win. I have come...[Read More]

Warframe Review

What is Warframe? An introductory Warframe Review It was once the ugly duckling of gaming and now is...[Read More]

Albion Online Review

Albion online all around pretty much sucks! The game claims to be a sandbox type game but yet they f...[Read More]

Big Farm review

Big Farm is Big Headache   This review is based on personal experience. Do you like farming gam...[Read More]

A trashy comp system

This game is the absolute worst when it comes to competitive play. Your first few placement match ga...[Read More]

Don’t waste money

After sinking a few hundred hours into this game, I can give you a few key factors you’ll want...[Read More]

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