Konstantin Konstantinov

Born in 1992 in the Eastern European country of Bulgaria, Konstantin has always been in love with writing, reading, and gaming. He now lives and studies in Milan and is more excited than ever to immerse himself in virtual worlds. It is his strongly held belief that games require a large amount of attention and intelligent analysis if they want to mature and evolve, reaching the level of other cultural products. He is deeply fascinated by the potential of MMOs, RPGs, Indie games, as well as Esports.



Radical Heights Review

Radical Heights is Boss Key Productions’ take on the battle royale genre launching in “X-TREME Early Access”. It’s a fast-paced tactical shooter featuring collectible weapons, munitions, utility items, etc., randomly scattered across a large map. The players are airdropped into action and given the goal to be the last survivor. The playable part of the map constantly shrinks, making th...[Read More]



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Radical Heights

Radical Heights is a Free-to-Play, shooter, battle royal game, developed by Boss Key Productions. It’s a very early access title and it might just stay that way since the developing studio has shut down for good and is no longer working on the game. It features some innovation, but doesn’t really shake the now oversaturated genre. In fact, if anything else, it feels of lesser quality when compared...[Read More]

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