A trashy comp system


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A trashy comp system

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This game is the absolute worst when it comes to competitive play. Your first few placement match games you will win normally but after that its lose central. I played this game for roughly a total of 13 days including the beta play time. The beta was fine along with the first and second competitive seasons, after that it went downhill. I’m normally a mid platinum player and around that and won and lost games pretty evenly. Now in the third, fourth and fifth season matchmaking is the absolute worst. I’m on a 15 game lose streak and it may be because I am bad, or it could do with matchmaking. When I played season one and two I got players around my skill level, which is plat, now sometimes there may be a diamond or a gold but 99% of the time it was plat players only, now in season five, I’m not facing plat players, I’m facing a whole team of high leveled diamonds while my team is either gold or lower. I won my first three placement matches, but after that I’ve lost 15 times in a row due to the other team being stacked with higher level players making the game and lobby unfair. It was basically them facing bots on the lowest difficulty.  I would never, and I mean never recommend this game for competitive play as they need to get their matchmaking together, It’s honestly like that took and stole the Halo 5 matchmaking system and claimed it as their own. I’m not the only one with this problem as I have reached out to the community and they too are facing the same thing, not all of them but some are. I’m tired of this, Blizzard knows better but yet still does nothing about this, I’ve seen article after article on the forums about this, and within two hours a forums admin takes it down as my post was. Normally Blizzard’s team are nice and care what the community says, but this, this is like Activision has taken over the Blizzard and try to fix the game their way not valuing the communities input. This game had potential, and it went down the toilet. I would however recommend this game for casual play, but as I am a competitive player I give this game 4/10. Not to mention the heroes are getting more and more boring as they keep getting nerved and buffed and it just ruins the game. Season one and two was the prime of this game and the peak of its time, I don’t see this game going anywhere anytime soon other than in the trash, I would trade this game in if I could but the hype got to me and I digitally bought it, a regret I have to live with forever.

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