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Albion Online Review

User Rating: 1

Albion online all around pretty much sucks! The game claims to be a sandbox type game but yet they force the same people that want to craft and do gathering into PVP zones in order to be able to gather those materials.

What the clueless developers of Albion Online don’t seem to understand is that not everyone wants to PVP and some of us are just happy gathering and crafting.

If it was a true sandbox game then the players should not be forced into PVP and all materials from tier 1 to tier 8 should be able to be gathered outside of PVP zones and they should not force the players into PVP areas if they do not want to go there.

Basically all this game turns into is another giant gank fest where once you get past tier 4 materials for crafting anyone that wants to do crafting gets ganked repeatedly over and over again by teams of gank squads who roam around the zones. There are 8 different tiers of materials you can get up to tier 8.

Also the servers seem to be pretty poorly run too you will be running around a zone collecting materials then boom all of a sudden you are logged out of the game and you have to log back in again. There are no connection issues on my side what so ever I can go do everything else just fine. It is on the server side. Or I have had a few times where I could not even connect to their login server to be able to log into the server again it isn’t my connection it is on the server side I could surf and do everything else normally except connect to the game.

The servers are over crowded with 13 year old kids enjoying killing crafters and stealing their stuff.

The game is also full of bots as well out gathering materials and you do a /report on the bot and nothing gets done about it seems the admins of this game don’t care as long as they get your money.

This is absolutely the worst “Sandbox” game I have ever seen. I use the term “sandbox” lightly for this game because really it isn’t because a true sandbox game would not force a person who wants to craft to go into PVP zones to get materials and you should be able to just craft all the way up if you wish without having to do PVP.

Albion online got the whole open world PVP concept totally wrong.

Customer service on this game is rude and uncaring and they really don’t care.

The game is NOT free either I saw some sites advertising the this game is free to play it is not you have to buy a “starter pack” which ranges anywhere from $29.95 USD (Veteran) up to $99.95 USD (Legendary) and then after that you can purchase a “premium” to be able to keep other perks in the game and pay a monthly fee of $9.95 USD a month. This game is in NO way free to play!

Avoid this game at all costs the player base is toxic and rude.

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