Darkfall: New Dawn – Patch 3.13 – The Great Magic Overhaul

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Darkfall: New Dawn – Patch 3.13 – The Great Magic Overhaul

Darkfall: New Dawn – Patch 3.13 – The Great Magic Overhaul

A new reworked magic system awaits all Darkfall fans in the newest Patch 3.13. Nearly every aspect has been redesigned in order to have the secondary effects of spells also scale with magnitude! Area of effects, graphical effects, displacement effects, duration and blind effects will all be tied to the same factors affecting damage calculations. In addition, Encumbrance is frontloaded and Magical traits are also more impactful for secondary effects.

As part of the new update, new village control point capture mechanics are introduced providing potential opportunities to come back for all clans involved, putting emphasis on survival, giving value to each death on each sides and holding increased value and rewards.

An important new element is the clan meditation pool mainly focused to be used as an added logistic constraint to owning large empires, with a maintenance cost for holdings aiming to reserve them to active clans only and to funnel players towards the most time efficient meditation sources for groups; village control points.

Last but not least, important tweaks and improvements related to Clan prime time and vulnerability windows, dynamic tombstones and monster death polishes, armor durability losses, collision system, performance and stuttering and various bug fixes are also included in the new patch, elevating the overall game experience.

For additional information and details, you can also check out the Official Page.

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