Darkfall: New Dawn

3D Client MMORPG
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Darkfall: New Dawn
Darkfall: New Dawn

Ub3rgames is the company behind Darkfall: New Dawn, the MMORPG that seeks to revive the original Darkfall Online title with a huge, open world, large scale PVP battles and a classless system that allows players to play the game exactly as they want.

Choose from a wide range of races and build the hero of your dreams; the classless system of the game allows for the creation of hybrid characters that can use melee weapons and magic in the same time. What is more, the title system will give your hero extra boost on certain attributes and they promote specific gameplay. Crafting and gathering professions are in high demand and support and create the in-game economy. Finally, join a guild or an alliance and take part in massive PVP battles for territorial gains and glory. If MMORPGs are your thing then you must try Darkfall: New Dawn!

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