Darkfall: New Dawn

Darkfall: New Dawn – Free Trial!

Brave denizens of Agon, Darkfall: New Dawn is now and for a limited time available for a free trial! During the free trial period, the game will have no restrictions, no limitations and the XP gained will be three times the normal one. If you want to get an idea of what’s new with the game, now is the best time to do it! An account must be created and activated to be able to download the gam...[Read More]

PG Weekly Roundup – The Elder Scrolls Online #10MillionStories Special Event, other games’ announcements, free weekend events, upgrades and contests! – Week 48

The Elder Scrolls Online: The #10MillionStories Dungeon Event and a Free-to-Play Weekend! This week in Elder Scrolls Online,  the #10MillionStories Dungeon event launched! It was available for all players and it gave the participants the chance to earn a Mysterious Reward Box just by completing a random dungeon daily! The Box contained many in-game goodies like Crown Repair kits or pets and mounts...[Read More]

Darkfall: New Dawn Trailer and Release Date!

A new, captivating sandbox world awaits players in Darkfall: New Dawn just announced that will be released on January 26, 2018! The game is expected to build on the heritage of Darkfall Online and unleash a new and revamped version, targeting both veteran and new gamers. You will have the chance to create your own adventure and leave your mark as a leader, merchant, crafter or fighter through mult...[Read More]

Darkfall: New Dawn – Patch 3.13 – The Great Magic Overhaul

A new reworked magic system awaits all Darkfall fans in the newest Patch 3.13. Nearly every aspect has been redesigned in order to have the secondary effects of spells also scale with magnitude! Area of effects, graphical effects, displacement effects, duration and blind effects will all be tied to the same factors affecting damage calculations. In addition, Encumbrance is frontloaded and Magical ...[Read More]

Darkfall: New Dawn – PvE Event

Top MMORPG Games To Play In 2017

We are really excited to present the top MMORPG games list of 2017. In addition to our regular best Client, Browser and Mobile MMO game lists, here you will find the most popular and highly anticipated massively multiplayer online games of this year. Playing a great MMO can be an overwhelming experience. Luckily for us gamers, the number of titles coming out every year increases. Additionally, est...[Read More]

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