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Darkfall: New Dawn is the remake of the original Darkfall Online title from Ub3fgames. It’s a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) with a huge open world and an emphasis on Player versus Player (PVP) action.

There are no classes in Darkfall: New Dawn; you can be a fearsome melee character with a good understanding of magic, or a wizard who will not hesitate to draw a sword and cut off some heads! The more you use a skill the more proficient you become. What is more, the game uses a title system; titles boost some of your character’s attributes and once chosen cannot change until after a week. For example the Genius Warrior title boosts everything melee.

Darkfall: New Dawn features a plethora of races for players to choose and a huge variety of professions to pick and make a living out of. In fact, hunters, woodsmen, blacksmiths and craftsmen in general are in high demand in the game’s world and are the pillars of its economy. It’s a big world and an opportunity for profit can hide in the next corner!

But the most important aspect of Darkfall: New Dawn is combat; it features large scale battles between guilds or alliances for defending or conquering land and earning glory and high prizes. Your view will constantly change from first to third person depending on whether you are using magic and ranged skills or melee ones. Player versus Environment (PVE) interaction is also present in the form of missions that will have you face numerous dangers for handsome rewards.

In conclusion, this is a title that takes the genre to new heights with challenging PVP action and a classless system that allows players to play the game exactly the way they choose. If you call yourself a true MMORPG fan then you should really try Darkfall: New Dawn!

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