Vainglory: Silvernail The Bounty Hunter – Update 3.6

Update 3.6 for Vainglory is here and with it a new Hero, Silvernail, the Bounty Hunter! Take control...[Read More]

Update 3.0 Notes: Play Vainglory 5V5 on Sovereign’s Rise Now

Vainglory 5V5 has finally arrived and it epitomizes all that Super Evil Magacorp have had in mind an...[Read More]

Vainglory: Introducing the new BRAWL Mode – Onslaught!

A new short BRAWL game mode is introduced for Vainglory’s winter season start, focusing on giving yo...[Read More]

Vainglory: Grace Abilities & Splash Art Reveal

Grace is a Champion of Light; she is a true leader that uses her fearsome mace to charge into battle...[Read More]

Vainglory: Update 2.3 – Charms and All-Access Passes

Vainglory’s update 2.3 is coming soon and among the various new features included, it also bri...[Read More]

Vainglory: New Gangster Gwen Rare Skin

Gwen is the most dangerous dame that the world of organized crime has ever known…and for a goo...[Read More]

Vainglory – Free Hero Rotation

If you haven’t heard about Vainglory’s latest hero rotation options, it is time to give ...[Read More]

Vainglory – Special Edition Skins

Vainglory celebrates the New Lunar Year and offers five special “Sparkler” Skaarf skins ...[Read More]

Vainglory Update 2.0 Trailer

Vainglory the Gold Mine Trailer

Vainglory Flicker Hero Trailer

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