Vainglory: Grace Abilities & Splash Art Reveal


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Vainglory: Grace Abilities & Splash Art Reveal

Vainglory: Grace Abilities & Splash Art Reveal

Grace is a Champion of Light; she is a true leader that uses her fearsome mace to charge into battle and utilizes a series of holy shields that grand her and her allies defense against incoming damage. What is more, she can ask for the powers of Seraphim and dish out huge heals to her party!

Grace’s Heroic Perk is Retribution; when she hits the ground with her mace, she slows down enemies in the area and does extra weapon damage. If she manages to hit an enemy then the cooldown of her other abilities decreases. It should be used as often as possible!

When Grace uses Benediction, she charges forward and strikes her opponent with an upgraded Retribution attack; in the same time, her allies are granted a directional holy shield that always faces the target and Grace herself gets a full holy shield. Try to use this skill to minimize incoming damage from your strongest enemies!

Holy Nova is Grace’s next ability and it causes her enemies to be knocked into the air, plus it incapacitates them for a short time; it has a small delay but if it hits an opponent (at least), Grace recovers immediately from it. Bear in mind the casting time and try for a good positioning to prevent your enemies from evading you!

Finally, Grace’s Ultimate ability is Divine Intervention. She surrounds herself and her target with a full holy shield and then begins channeling a massive heal spell. When using it, you must keep in mind the time it takes to be casted to manage to heal your allies before they die!

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