Manolis Vinichakis

Manolis Vinichakis is an avid gamer and YouTube content creator, his love for gaming emerged in the "early Diablo" days and led him through several MMOs. World of Warcraft has been his passion for over ten years. During these endless gaming hours he has been taking various roles from raid-leading in high-end guilds to topping the PvP ladders and participating in Blizzard's events. He began writing about games as a hobby in several websites and forums, a little over two years ago. A link to his gaming channel: Frappe Gaming


Top 5 MMORPGs in 2020

While many of us are confined into our homes, with coronavirus spreading across most of the countries, thanks to technology and the modern gaming industry we can explore endless worlds without ever leaving our apartment. Pivotal Gamers have done all the research for you and picked the best 5 MMORPGs in 2020 that will suit your needs and your budget. We will go over subscription-based and free to p...[Read More]


Introduction In today’s guide we are gonna be taking a look at the easiest and most consistent build in set 4, actually the first Master player in europe onetricked his way into rank 1 with this build, so if you intersted in climbing fast and easy. Stick Around! General Playstyle The general idea is to snowball the early and mid game using the resilience of Brawlers with Sunfire cape, and fa...[Read More]

TFT SET 4 BEST COMPS – Tier List – Teamfight Tactics Patch 10.19 Guide

So do you want to know what to play on set 4 launch to rank up quickly? Well in this video we will evaluate each and every build that has been successful in PBE and how to utilize it into our games. Stick around! So in today’s post we will go over a PREDICTIONS TIER LIST for patch 10.19 and the launch of Set 4. What i want to stress out is that the tier list is made out of personal opinion c...[Read More]

ADEPT MYSTIC GUIDE – Best Comps Cheat Sheet – Teamfight Tactics FATES

What if there was one build to rule them all in Set 4. Well there is and in this guide i ll explain all about it so you get a headstart once Set 4 is live. Stick around. In today’s guide we are gonna be taking a look at one of the most dominant builds currently in PBE, i know numbers are subject to change but its core mechanic is realy fun and i predict it will ship as an S+ tier build into ...[Read More]

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