PG Weekly Roundup – The Elder Scrolls Online #10MillionStories Special Event, other games’ announcements, free weekend events, upgrades and contests! – Week 48

PG Weekly Roundup – The Elder Scrolls Online #10MillionStories Special Event, other games’ announcements, free weekend events, upgrades and contests! – Week 48

The Elder Scrolls Online: The #10MillionStories Dungeon Event and a Free-to-Play Weekend!

This week in Elder Scrolls Online,  the #10MillionStories Dungeon event launched! It was available for all players and it gave the participants the chance to earn a Mysterious Reward Box just by completing a random dungeon daily! The Box contained many in-game goodies like Crown Repair kits or pets and mounts while some very few and lucky ones could receive a pack of 20 mounts and 20 homes, some of which extremely rare! The full article can be read at The Elder Scrolls Online: The #10MillionStories Dungeon Event! and you can also check the featured trailer
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And in another great offer this week, a week of Free play was announced! All accounts received a gift of 500 Crowns to be used in the Shop, plus an adorable pet! What is more, previous characters and progression from older similar events will remain, allowing you to continue your adventures in Tamriel as if you never left! Read more at The Elder Scrolls Online: Free Weekend on PlayStation4 and PC/Mac!

EVE Online: Introducing the Arms Race!

In one of the many announcements this week, EVE Online introduced us to the upcoming Arms Race update! The update will bring the highly anticipated Alpha Skillset expansion which will allow for cross-faction training past the 5 million points cap, plus many improvements, visual upgrades and minor and major adjustments The newspost can be found at EVE Online Updates – Introducing The Arms Race Release

Vainglory: Onslaught!

This week in Vainglory we saw the introduction of a new BRAWL game mode, Onslaught. It’s about intensive, fast and very addictive matches between two teams of three where personal skill, quick-thinking and cooperation make the difference between winning and losing! The mode is designed for those that don’t have time for a full 20-minute MOBA match or just want short bursts of intense fun! Read more at Vainglory: Introducing the new BRAWL Mode – Onslaught!

EverQuest II: Planes of Prophecy is Live!

In another noteworthy event this week, EverQuest II announced the official release of its 14th (!) expansion, Planes of Prophecy! The mysterious and dangerous Celestial Planes are waiting for brave adventurers which will try and save Norrath from an untimely end! What is more, if you manage to reach level 101 before December 12 a special gift in the form of a Planes of Power painting will be waiting for you! More info can be read at EverQuest II: Planes of Prophecy Expansion is Live! or you can watch the official trailer below!
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Starfall Tactics: WIP – Domination Maps and Newton Battlecruiser!

This past week in Starfall Tactics, two new maps were revealed, Corridor and Frontline, specifically created for the 1v1 Domination mode. The first one is better suited for deployment of massive squads while the latter favors heavy units and sneak attacks. Read some more at Starfall Tactics: WIP – Domination Maps and Newton Battlecruiser

RuneScape: Premier Club 2018 and Winter Weekends!

For all of those interested in access to exclusive content, VIP privileges, special in-game items and unique daily rewards, RuneScape has introduced the absolute membership package! For a discounted and very reasonable price you can become a member of the 2018 Gold Premier Club and enjoy amazing special benefits! More information can be found at RuneScape Premier Club 2018. What is more, in another highly anticipated event that was launched this week, players could take up the Evil Dave quest, or participate in the Winter Weekend and activate the Festive Aura for bonus XP! More information is available at RuneScape: Evil Dave – Winter Weekends

Darkfall: New Dawn – Release Date!

This was the week that Darkfall: New Dawn announced the date of its official launch! The highly anticipated game based on the original Darkfall Online is set to be released on the 26th of January and is bringing updated graphics, a new story and amazing combat mechanics targeting both new and veteran players. Check Darkfall: New Dawn Trailer and Release Date! or check the official trailer below!
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Neverwinter: Call to Action – Battle for the Bridge!

In the new event that started this week in Neverwinter, the Firecross bridge on Mount Hotenow has been captured by the fire giant Grumthrox the Relentless and his minions and you and other adventurers must take it back! Should you manage to accomplish this task you will be rewarded handsomely with Medallions of Battle and many more useful in-game items! Read the full article at Neverwinter: Call To Action – Battle for the Bridge!

TERA: The Elin Gunner Loading Screens Contest!

A new event was launched this week in TERA. Participants must submit their own original loading screen featuring the brand-new Elin Gunner class until January 2 and the lucky winner will have his artwork appear on the loading screen of the game and get a hefty amount of EMPs too! Read the full story at TERA Contest: Elin Gunner Loading Screens!

In Other News…

In the news that didn’t make the cut this week, we read about the newest items and deals available at The Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store, including a merry mount, festive hats, a new house and furnishings The Elder Scrolls Online: Crown Store Showcase – December 2017. Also, in Star Trek Online, we read about the winter holiday celebrations in Q’s magical wonderland launching on all platforms simultaneously Star Trek Online: Q’s Winter Wonderland!

What is more, in Star Wars: The Old Republic, we saw the ‘A Traitor Among the Chiss’ Update go live! It’s a hunt for an agent gone rogue in a brand-new Operation boss fight with new equipment and appearance options and an enhanced Group Finder feature Star Wars: The Old Republic – “A Traitor Among the Chiss” while in another similar event Guildwars 2 announced the release of the Daybreak update Guild Wars 2: “Daybreak” is Live!

In Warface, operation “Absolute Power” is fast coming and it brings the Absolute equipment set with special bonuses and new game mechanics Warface: Absolute Power – Set Bonus and finally, in Path of Exile we read about the new skills and supports that the brand-new War for the Atlas expansion is bringing to the game and how they interact with each other and existing skills Path of Exile: New Skill and Support Gem Interactions

It has been another exciting week for all of us, how was yours?

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