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Revelation Online News

Revelation Online: Iceborn Update & Snowpine Peak Preview

Well heroes, it is time for war! You should better be prepared as fierce battles and deadly challenges await you as part of the newest update of Iceborn. As the content has gone live today, prepare to face enormous encounters and region-wide faction wars, which will make you choose one of two sides to fight for, as the rivalry between the...[Read More]

Revelation Online: Stardust – First Major Update

The first major update of Revelation Online has just been announced and will very soon arrive to Nuanor! Named as “Stardust”, the new update that is being released just after a couple of weeks following the Open Beta launch, will include big changes such as the new Guild vs. Guild map “Starshatter Island”, the long...[Read More]

Revelation Online – Open Beta is now live! has just launched the Open Beta for the much anticipated Revelation Online! This means that the game is now live and free to access for all so we can start validating if the title lives up to our expectations. To launch the game you will need to get the client from the official Download Page. To begin your journey, download the gam...[Read More]

Revelation Online: Early Access is now live!

If you have been waiting for it as we did, then you will be more than happy to learn that Early Access for Revelation Online is now open! This actually means that all players who have purchased a Founder’s Pack can log in and start exploring the epic world of Nuanor. During the duration of Early Access all Founder’s Pack owner...[Read More]

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