Revelation Online: Iceborn Update & Snowpine Peak Preview

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Revelation Online: Iceborn Update & Snowpine Peak Preview

Revelation Online: Iceborn Update & Snowpine Peak Preview

Well heroes, it is time for war! You should better be prepared as fierce battles and deadly challenges await you as part of the newest update of Iceborn. As the content has gone live today, prepare to face enormous encounters and region-wide faction wars, which will make you choose one of two sides to fight for, as the rivalry between the Wingar and the Ursids threatens to spill across the Snowpine Reach land.

All heroes who get involved in this conflict will be given quest that will unlock at level 40, allowing them to choose their preferred side. Portals to the battle zone will open twice a week and teams will need to gather a specific amount of points, rewarded according to the below scheme, before the opposing team do the same, in order to achieve victory.

Gather Resource: 5
Elite Monsters: 3
Monsters: 1
Players: 1
Boss: 10

New fights alongside your friends and guildmates during the Guild Tournament, the Inner Demons Trial and the Snowpine Peak are waiting for you, hero. Will you rise to the challenge and live to tell your tales? Time will tell…

For additional information you can also check out the video preview or visit the Official Page.

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