Revelation Online: Stardust – First Major Update

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Revelation Online: Stardust – First Major Update

Revelation Online: Stardust – First Major Update

The first major update of Revelation Online has just been announced and will very soon arrive to Nuanor! Named as “Stardust”, the new update that is being released just after a couple of weeks following the Open Beta launch, will include big changes such as the new Guild vs. Guild map “Starshatter Island”, the long-awaited “Faerie’s Funland” map, certain localisation refinements and various bug fixes.

The “Faerie’s Funland” will appeal to all players who would like to take a rest from the fights and unleash their inner child! The map represents an amusement park with a great selection of leisure activities along with massive amount of experience, gear progression loot and various other treasures!

On the other hand, the “Starshatter Island” is a map focused on resource control. Being full of precious minerals you and your allies must secure the available resources and not let the opposing guilds reap the benefits for themselves. Be warned though; only the strongest Guilds will survive here, so get ready for war and not let the resources fall into the wrong hands!

For more details you can check out the video preview or visit the Official Page.

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