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Sulake is the developer and publisher of Habbo, a free-to-play social Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game that you can play from your browser or your favorite Android and IOS device. It’s a virtual world addressed mostly to teens that allows for socializing and playing fun games in a safe environment.

Upon starting the game you are shown to your hotel room (every country has its own Hotel; think about it as a server) where you will create an avatar and choose a name. You can customize your character aesthetically and choose your preferred clothing. Following a small tutorial which will explain what you can and what you can’t do; you are free to explore the world of Habbo.

The game features pixelated 2D graphics and a unique retro artwork; one thing is certain, it surely stands out! The world is divided into rooms, some of them private (those are usually created by players) but mostly public. Within these rooms, you can chat with other Habbos (players), or play entertaining online games. What is more, you can build rooms yourself, furnish them and invite your friends to hang out. To play Habbo you must be over 13 years of age; no personal photos are allowed and your information such as age and location are never displayed, something that makes it extra safe for youngsters and parents alike.

In conclusion, Habbo is a social MMO addressed mostly to young players, who will find the relaxing and distinctive colorful environment appealing. Of course that doesn’t necessarily mean that an adult can’t enjoy the game!



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