Club Penguin Review

Designed as a spiritual successor to the original, rather than as a true sequel, Disney’s Club Penguin Island takes everything that worked from the first game, and makes the valiant effort of not just improving upon it, but of making sometimes drastic changes, all for the good of the game. Within the world of Club Penguin Island, you will be tasked with a simple mission… Have a great penguin time!...[Read More]

Star Trek: Alien Domain Review

Shoved into the depths of fluidic space by a mysterious race of spacefaring creatures known only as Species 8472, you, along with your starship crew, are tasked with the monumental undertaking that is exploring, surviving, and eventually flourishing, in this brave new world. As captain of your starship, you will be given the opportunity to build your own home base replete with an array of customiz...[Read More]

Super Dancer Online Extreme Review

Super Dancer Online Extreme is a social dance game that was developed by 9you and published by Cib Net Station. Starting out players have the chance to create their character with an extensive set of options to choose from. After completing this, the game takes you to the tutorial screen which includes a variety of practices (basic, dual key and timing) that can be completed or completely skipped....[Read More]

IMVU Review

IMVU (Instant Message Virtual Universe) is a free-to-play social game from the namesake company. It’s a virtual world addressed mostly to teens where they can make friends, socialize and show their creativity. After creating an avatar, you are transferred to your home which can be fully furnished with items bought from the in-game store or created by you. Your home and later on, rooms created by y...[Read More]

Habbo Review

Sulake is the developer and publisher of Habbo, a free-to-play social Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game that you can play from your browser or your favorite Android and IOS device. It’s a virtual world addressed mostly to teens that allows for socializing and playing fun games in a safe environment. Upon starting the game you are shown to your hotel room (every country has its own Hotel; think...[Read More]

SmallWorlds Review

SmallWorlds is a free-to-play, browser based, online social game developed and published by Outsmart. Players can live a virtual life where there is always something exciting and entertaining to do. After you choose your gender and your avatar you are ready to enter the game. There are seven skill paths for you to follow, each with its own advantages. You level up by participating in mini games, t...[Read More]

Fantage Review

Fantage (short for Fantastic Age) is a browser based online social game developed and published by Fantage. It is mostly addressed to youngsters and features a virtual world where they can lead a second life and play hundreds of mini games. The game is also available for IOS and Android devices. The game features a colorful, cartoonish 2D world and an easy-to-listen soundtrack. There is always som...[Read More]

ourWorld Review

OurWorld is a free-to-play, browser based, social Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) from FlowPlay. It features a virtual world where players interact with each other, play well known online games, have their own home and take care of their characters’ appearance. Before you enter the game, you have to create a character through a highly detailed customization process that allow...[Read More]

5 Street Review

5 Street is a free to play online 3D Social game, by Snail Games. Centered around dance, 5 Street features great vivid graphics and music, creating an online dance floor universe in which you are the dancing star! Dress-up choosing from thousands of clothing items and outfits and create your own style. Dance solo, team up with your friends in large themed dancing halls or go head-to-head against o...[Read More]

Second Life Review

Second Life is a free to play 3D social game by Linden Lab, which has a bold mission. To create a second, virtual life, so that players can realize their dreams, enjoy new alternatives and explore opportunities of connecting their virtual with their real world lives. So, what’s happening in Second Life that may be worthy of your attention? Second Life surely has a couple of unique characteristics ...[Read More]

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