Realm of the Mad God Review

Realm of the Mad God is a free-to-Play, Roguelike MMO shooter that puts emphasis on fast-paced, bullet hell action. It is set in a quirky fantasy universe. It was created by Wild Shadow Studios and Spry Fox and it’s currently published by Deca Games. The visual presentation of the game is poor to say the least. Its pixelated, isometric, 2D graphics make it one of the most horrid titles to have eve...[Read More]

Bitefight Review

In Gameforges’ Bitefight, you take on the role of either a fearsome Werewolf, intent on undead destruction – or a dastardly Vampire, keen on seeing the canine men destroyed once and for all. Most, if not all, of the games features revolve around this conflict, and as one of the two factions, the majority of your time spent in game will be traveling the countryside and hunting the other. Earn...[Read More]

Club Penguin Review

Designed as a spiritual successor to the original, rather than as a true sequel, Disney’s Club Penguin Island takes everything that worked from the first game, and makes the valiant effort of not just improving upon it, but of making sometimes drastic changes, all for the good of the game. Within the world of Club Penguin Island, you will be tasked with a simple mission… Have a great penguin time!...[Read More]

Omega Zodiac Review

With the darkness running rampant, the Goddess Athena’s realm is in a state of grave danger. It is up to you, along with your friends (and enemies) to fight in order to save the day! Choose from one of three gender locked classes: the steadfast warrior – always ready to take a hit, and well as to give one, the cunning ranger – a master of long ranged, single target damage, and the form...[Read More]

Hunter X Hunter Online Review

Following the path of Gon, Hunter X Hunter Online brings you along on his journey to follow in his father’s footsteps, and to becoming the greatest Hunter alive! With a well working turn based battle system, along with all of the lore from the manga series itself, Hunter X Hunter Online manages to make something pretty darn decent out of itself, especially considering it’s free to play statu...[Read More]

Dragon Ball Z Online Review

Dragon Ball Z Online is an online browser-based game, produced and published by PlayWebGame, based on the popular Dragon Ball anime series. The players set off by selecting a character type: Majin, Android, or Saiyan. The game is a hub-based, 2D, side scroller featuring fully automated combat. This essentially means that venturing outside the player hub entails clicking on enemies and waiting for ...[Read More]

God Wars Review

God Wars is a Chinese browser MMO based on a the well known game model most players are familiar with. It defines itself as “western fantasy”, but it does have a very eastern vibe to it. These games have largely the same kind of gameplay and seem to be void of any interesting features or innovation. They are, in fact, shamelessly, boring, and bland. You have a hub world and external zones which yo...[Read More]

Gods Origin Online Review

Gods Origin Online is another generic, side scrolling, 2D, browser MMORPG, produced by Viva Games. Just as all the other simplistic Chinese copy-and-pasted browser games it features a hub world and a 2D explorable external environment where players can battle enemies and earn currency. The combat is completely automated: the characters play out their animations, while the player observes passively...[Read More]

Star Trek: Alien Domain Review

Shoved into the depths of fluidic space by a mysterious race of spacefaring creatures known only as Species 8472, you, along with your starship crew, are tasked with the monumental undertaking that is exploring, surviving, and eventually flourishing, in this brave new world. As captain of your starship, you will be given the opportunity to build your own home base replete with an array of customiz...[Read More]

StarBreak Review

StarBreak starts off strong, and never lets up – not even for a second. Upon start up, you will be pulled into a tutorial, where you will learn the basics of the game: the platforming mechanics, the gameplay loops, and the loot system. After getting these tidbits down, you’re out on your own! With no story, and few NPC’s StarBreak takes the stance of relying only on its action combat gamepla...[Read More]

Mythic Glory Review

Battle for the glory of your ancestors in R2Games’ latest epic adventure, Mythic Glory! Choose from one of three unique classes, the knight, ranger, and mage, and begin the journey of a lifetime – undertaking a well written and thought out single player quest line, or simply by exploring the vast open world of Mythic Glory at your leisure. One of the finest points of Mythic Glory is the dept...[Read More]

Sacred Saga Online Review

Sacred Saga Online is a free-to-play, browser-based, MMORPG game developed by FreeGame. It is one of the many eastern browser games, featuring generic graphics, colorful sprites, a hub world, and automated combat. The player is the chosen hero of the Greek goddess Athena, tasked with the sacred duty to defend her city from other divinities: the likes of Hades, Ares, and Poseidon. In fact, the game...[Read More]

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