PG Weekly Roundup – Leviathan Invades World of Tanks, Updates, Launches, Announcements and more! – Week 43

PG Weekly Roundup – Leviathan Invades World of Tanks, Updates, Launches, Announcements and more! – Week 43

Leviathan invades World of Tanks!

This Halloween, Leviathan, the supreme ruler of armored afterlife is attacking World of Tanks and you must face him and stop him before he unleashes the Apocalypse! Pick one of the two event-exclusive tanks, Frank or Stein, cooperate with others and use cunning and strategic thinking to defeat the ultimate Evil and his forces before they reach the Great Gate! Great rewards await participants including in-game items and exclusive medals for outstanding performance! Read more at World of Tanks: Halloween Special – Leviathan’s Invasion! and don’t forget to check the featured video!
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Neverwinter: The Masquerade of Liars and launch of Swords of Chult!

This week in Neverwinter and as a part of this year’s Halloween festivities, we were introduced with the Masquerade of Liars event; players are invited to visit the Masquerade Master and take up daily quests which will reward them handsomely upon completion! The event will end on the 1st of November and you can read some more at Neverwinter: The Masquerade of Liars!. Another noteworthy event this week was the official launch of the latest update for Neverwinter, Swords of Chult! The update will bring a considerable amount of changes in PVE and PVP together with features that will make your everyday life easier such us the revamped inventory management. For the full story, check Neverwinter: Swords of Chult is Live! or you can watch the featured video!
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EVE Online: The Crimson Harvest event and launch of Lifeblood!

This week in EVE Online, we watched as the Crimson Harvest event unfolded and with it, an amazing new SKINS was introduced. More specifically, the new Headhunter SKIN features a white skull in blood-red background and will surely make your ship look hellishly fearsome as you hunt down the Blood Raider Covenant! You can learn more at EVE Online: The “Crimson Harvest” event and Headhunter SKINs. Another important event this week was the official launch of the latest expansion for EVE Online, Lifeblood which promises to bring fresh content, new challenges and updated mechanics to the game! The full story is available at EVE Online: Lifeblood is Deployed! but you can also check out the featured tour video below!
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Bless Online is coming to Steam!

Another important announcement this week was that Bless Online will be available on Steam in 2018. The game, known for its meticulous character customization process and the massive PVP battlegrounds offers a gaming experience that really stands out. Read on at Bless Online is coming to Steam in 2018! but also, don’t forget to watch the featured video!
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TERA: Ghastly Goings-On!

Halloween is just around the corner and in TERA it seems that monsters are going crazy over it so the developers have made a map where adventurers can track the most recent attacks! Hunt down monsters and try to restore order; you will be generously rewarded with Dreamer’s Tokens that can be exchanged for materials and blueprints that can be used to craft equipment of high quality! Read more at TERA Event: Ghastly Goings-On

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Celebrating a Legacy!

This week in Star Wars: The Old Republic we saw the celebratory events for the official launch of the game on Xbox One. More specifically, the Shadow of Revan Expansion is offered for free, together with many KOTOR-inspired items including the Kakkran Daggerstar, a design created as a tribute to the game that started it all! The full story can be read at Star Wars: The Old Republic – Celebrating the legacy of Knights of the Old Republic!

The Elder Scrolls Online: Clockwork City DLC Game Pack!

The Elder Scrolls Online announced that the official Clockwork City DLC Game Pack and Update 16 would go live this week! Players are going to enjoy the brand-new content, including a new zone, a new challenging Trial, the new Transmutation system and the exciting and intriguing storyline. The Game Pack is available for purchase at the Crown Store and the Update is applied for free for all players! Check The Elder Scrolls Online: Clockwork City DLC Game Pack Now Live! for more information.

Team Fortress 2: Jungle Inferno!

This week in Team Fortress 2, we witnessed the much anticipated launch of the Jungle Inferno update, including a brand-new campaign, new pyro weapons, war paints, taunts and many minor and major improvements and modifications! Read the story at Team Fortress 2: Jugle Inferno is Live! but don’t forget to watch the featured video below!
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In Other News…

This week in League of Legends, we were acquainted with the Death Sworn and the events, skins and emotes that come with them as part of this year’s Halloween celebrations in League of Legends: Tales from the Rift – Death Sworn, while in RIFT, another Autumn Harvest event kicked off with many seasonal events, mysterious rewards and event-exclusive items available for purchase at the RIFT store, RIFT: Autumn Harvest is back!

This week, it was all about Halloween and in Secret World Legends, Secret World Legends: Spooktacular Halloween Fashion Contest, there was a season-inspired fashion show with many different categories and and great rewards! In another announcement connected with the Halloween season, World of Tanks gave out a heads-up video for the upcoming Soul Hunter event where underworld spirits are preparing to invade our world! World of Tanks: Halloween is Near!

Finally, in TERA we were met with yet another Halloween event, TERA: Event – To the Festival Hall! where we would have to protect the Halloween Candy Basket and defeat waves of enemies with the help of the Halloween Cannon, while in Skyforge, a contest launched with participants showing off their skills in pumpkin carving! Skyforge: Pumpkin Carving Contest!

It has been a mysterious and spooky week here in Pivotal Gamers; till we meet again, happy Halloween!

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