Secret World Legends


PG Weekly Roundup – Leviathan Invades World of Tanks, Updates, Launches, Announcements and more! – Week 43

Leviathan invades World of Tanks! This Halloween, Leviathan, the supreme ruler of armored afterlife ...[Read More]

PG Weekly Roundup – FINAL FANTASY XIV’s Prince of Uznair, updates, announcements, celebrations and many more! – Week 41

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Secret World Legends: Tokyo – Orochi Tower

The final chapter of the Tokyo saga, the colossal Orochi Tower, is here and features a new story and...[Read More]

PG Weekly Roundup – Everquest II expansion prelude event, hot updates, previews and more! – Week 38

Everquest II: Something strange is going on… Something is not quite all right in regard with m...[Read More]

Secret World Legends: Tokyo – Beyond the Wall

As the Quarantine wall has been breached and you start seeking answers that lay beyond the Wall, the...[Read More]

Secret World Legends: Raid Update – Now Available

The Manhattan Exclusion zone is now available for daring agents seeking thrills and danger! The “New...[Read More]

Secret World Legends: Update 2.0.1 Patch Preview

The latest patch 2.0.1 of Secret World Legends introduces the Elite Dungeon system with 10 distincti...[Read More]

Secret World Legends: Release on June 26th is officially announced!

Great news from Funcom, as the official release date of Secret World Legends has been announced! The...[Read More]

The Secret World Gameplay

Secret World Legends – Teaser Trailer

Secret World Legends: Secret World F2P Relaunch

Funcom’s plans to revamp The Secret World within the frames of a different business model, sta...[Read More]

Top MMORPG Games To Play In 2017

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