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Vainglory News

Vainglory: Silvernail The Bounty Hunter – Update 3.6

Update 3.6 for Vainglory is here and with it a new Hero, Silvernail, the Bounty Hunter! Take control of this new hero, fire massive bolts with the help of his powerful crossbow and use tripwires to keep your enemies from moving freely! He can be unlocked with ICE for the first two weeks and then, you can also use Glory. With Double Shot (...[Read More]

Update 3.0 Notes: Play Vainglory 5V5 on Sovereign’s Rise Now

Vainglory 5V5 has finally arrived and it epitomizes all that Super Evil Magacorp have had in mind and striven for for the last four years! [arve url=”″ /] Vainglory 5V5 brings a host of new features! First of all, Sovereign’s Rise, a brand new 3-lane map where players will face Blackclaw and G...[Read More]

Vainglory: Introducing the new BRAWL Mode – Onslaught!

A new short BRAWL game mode is introduced for Vainglory’s winter season start, focusing on giving you the room you need to showcase your true team-fighting skills! “Onslaught” mode involves two teams of three players who lock horns in escalating rounds of intense, tight-quarters combat. Each round, the stakes are raised, with more gold to...[Read More]

Vainglory: Grace Abilities & Splash Art Reveal

Grace is a Champion of Light; she is a true leader that uses her fearsome mace to charge into battle and utilizes a series of holy shields that grand her and her allies defense against incoming damage. What is more, she can ask for the powers of Seraphim and dish out huge heals to her party! Grace’s Heroic Perk is Retribution; when she hi...[Read More]

Vainglory: Update 2.3 – Charms and All-Access Passes

Vainglory’s update 2.3 is coming soon and among the various new features included, it also brings Charms and All-access passes. Charms are introducing new reaction personalization options during matches. All players who acquire a Charms Pass will be able to temporarily unlock a new emote option that can perform a custom taunt animat...[Read More]

Vainglory: New Gangster Gwen Rare Skin

Gwen is the most dangerous dame that the world of organized crime has ever known…and for a good reason. Not only did she vanquished the mob and now the boss wants payback, but her seductively lethal looks are promising that this may could have only been the start of it. The new rare skin is all about 1920. Model changes include a su...[Read More]

Vainglory – Free Hero Rotation

If you haven’t heard about Vainglory’s latest hero rotation options, it is time to give it a try as according to current schedule there is a weekly lineup of six heroes that are temporarily unlocked for play both in casual and private games! For players interested for permanent unlocks after test driving them, there is a 10% I...[Read More]

Vainglory – Special Edition Skins

Vainglory celebrates the New Lunar Year and offers five special “Sparkler” Skaarf skins available in 4 different colors, Red, Green, Blue and Purple. All players who decide to purchase the all-color bundle from the Market, they will additionally get the fifth bonus Gold skin! These dragon designs are highly detailed and look a...[Read More]

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