RuneScape: Shattered Worlds Update


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RuneScape: Shattered Worlds Update

RuneScape: Shattered Worlds Update

Shattered Worlds is the main update of May for RuneScape. It is a solo mini-game initially revealed during the Summer Summit and now scheduled to be officially released during the first week of May.

Adventurers are recommended to have minimum of level 40 in their chosen combat style. As they progress, they will face increased difficulties and harder challenges, so max levels and best gear is highly recommended to tackle the most challenging worlds. The story behind the new update is based on the Abyss punctures created due to the centuries-old teleportation magics. Now environments, spirits and creatures from various places are pulled together creating strange new worlds. A new order, the Abyssal Knights, has been created to defend the world from these dangerous shards in the fabric of time but they will need your help to prevail.

The entrance to Shattered Worlds is found in Lumbridge Swamp and after selecting your gear and food, you will start a race against the clock! Main goal is to defeat at least the 75% of the enemy pool, so you can advance to the next world and face an increased difficulty and more challenging enemy waves. The mini-game will auto-save your progress automatically every five cleared worlds and also give you the opportunity to restock through bank chest provisioning. With a maximum possible number of approximately 4.000 worlds, weekly challenges, unique rewards, gear and abilities, a new pet with 9 evolution stages, cosmetic outfits and much more, Shattered Worlds will surely provide a memorable experience!

For additional details you can also check out the Official Page.

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